Tuesday, April 21, 2009

STS on the Jack Blood Show

I am pleased to have been a guest on the Jack Blood's Deadline Live show today

Listen here with streaming audio:

Or download and listen to this one hour interview here:

We had some troubles hearing each other in the first segment but we got it sorted out fairly quickly.

Thank you Jack!

For more info about the Jack Blood show, please go here:

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BUSH and CLINTON To Invade Toronto

Clinton, Bush booked for joint Toronto appearance

Event next month billed as a 'conversation' between the two most recent U.S. presidents

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

WASHINGTON — Former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will appear together in Toronto next month on a public stage for the first time since Mr. Bush ended his presidency, in a remarkable twist on the cultural cold war that Barack Obama and others are trying to lay to rest.

The two will be appearing at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 29 for a moderated "conversation" that is expected to last about two hours.

It is odd to think of the two presidents seated side by side, chatting amicably about the events of the past 16 years, as they are expected to do, and about the global and domestic challenges facing the United States and Canada.

After all, Mr. Bush set out to dismantle much of what Mr. Clinton accomplished, from balancing the budget to fighting global warming, even as President Barack Obama has set out to erase the Bush legacy by reversing his tax cuts, prohibiting the torture of terrorism suspects, withdrawing from Iraq and rejoining the campaign against greenhouse gases.

Audiences hoping to witness the two men tearing at each other verbally will be disappointed. Presidents do not attack presidents, at least not directly, if only because only presidents know what other presidents go through. Nonetheless, the event is a reminder of the generational and ideological conflicts that some hope are finally diminishing, as combatants age and issues recede in importance.

In that sense, their joint appearance is that of two veterans in a war that some hope may be drawing to an end.

Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush, both 63, are the only two presidents from the Baby Boom generation. (While Mr. Obama, at 47, technically qualifies, he identifies much more with the Internet-savvy, social-networking Gen-Xers and even the millennials who came along after.) It now appears the two presidents may be the last of their kind.

As such, they embody the ideological struggles over Vietnam, the Generation Gap and other cultural values that ignited in the 1960s and that bedevil America still, in fights over gay rights, gun rights, God in the classroom, pot on the street, protecting the Earth or projecting American power.

Although both presidents demonstrated an ability to compromise in the interests of bipartisan consensus — Mr. Clinton toughened welfare rules while Mr. Bush expanded public health care and funding for education — their opponents saw them only as the personifications of the evil of the other side.

So Mr. Clinton was impeached for abasing his office after lying about an affair with an intern.

And the wild-eyed are still trying to get Mr. Bush and his vice-president, Dick Cheney, tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity for their handling of the war on terror.

The meter doesn't exist to measure the time and energy that has been wasted on all of this.

That Canada snagged the first joint appearance of 42 and 43 can be credited to event planners Andy McCreath and Christian Darbyshire, who landed Mr. Bush for his first post-presidential appearance in Calgary this past March and who have also previously booked numerous events for Mr. Clinton.

Mr. McCreath and Mr. Darbyshire, both in their mid-30s, are presidents of McCreath Communications and tinePublic Inc., respectively. Their other big-name bookings include Tony Blair, Lance Armstrong, Alan Greenspan and Rudy Giuliani.

It is not known whether this occasion will be closed to the press, as was the first Bush event. Ticket prices were also not available. Although speakers' fees are not divulged, there were reports Mr. Bush received as much as $200,000 for his March appearance in Calgary.

The event will consist of the two men seated in chairs between a moderator, who has not yet been chosen.

No matter how civil the discourse, the thought of Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton on stage together is bemusing, given the animosity of the past 16 years, and the efforts under way to overcome it.

Moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans are struggling in the House and Senate — albeit with indifferent success — to forge an agreement on reforms to health care, education, energy and the environment that both sides can accept and that Mr. Obama can sign.

And the President has taken repeated steps — in his overtures to Cuba, in efforts to create a bipartisan health-care consultation, in releasing the documents confirming that the CIA conducted what amounts to torture, while shielding those who acted in what they believed to be legal good faith — to bury the us-versus-them stridency of the past decades.

He might not succeed. The core of the left and the right stoke each others' antagonism, increasing the difficulty of those seeking consensus.

The media, who feed on conflict, and those who feed off the media also encourage ideological cleavage. So Fox News hosts anti-government tea parties, while MSNBC is mostly pro-Obama. On the Web, the Drudge Report can find nothing good to say about this administration, while Huffington Post huffs that it isn't activist enough.

But there are polls and pundits who suggest that, as the boomers age and socially liberal Gen-Xers and millennials shrug off the old animosities as not worth a tweet, the two former presidents and their most fervent supporters and antagonists might all be receding into historical anachronisms.

It would be interesting to hear what these two old warriors make of all this, even if they are simply shilling for their suppers and their charities.

But then, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush would be the very first to tell you that the times have passed them by.

For ticket inquiries, please call 1-866-994-2555.



"two old warriors"?

make that two old war criminals !!


Monday, April 20, 2009

'Splitting the Sky' meets 'Laughing Sky'

I am delighted to have received this e-mail the other day and thought I would share it:

Subject: re: Iroquoian Democracy, Torture, Arresting Bush, A Moment of Security

Greetings, Splitting the Sky!

I write to you in the spirit of the name given me ceremonially several years
ago: Laughing Sky.

I just now viewed your 11 April interview "The Man Who Tried to Arrest
Bush in Calgary."

As much as I wish to THANK YOU for your efforts to bring to justice the most
recent iteration of the Fourth Reich (not so...) Shadow Government within the United States,
I also want to applaud you for your incisive comments on the origin of American
democracy in the practices and beliefs of the Iroquois Nations.

Having written recently on the Iroquois Longhouse and the values it manifests,
I was greatly impressed by your brief evocation of the People of the Whole House,
the Haudenosaunee “Great League of Peace and Power.”

Throughout your interview, you demonstrated detailed and nuanced knowledge
(even invoking PNAC and Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard), fierce
commitment, true compassion, candid and righteous intent, and a clarity of
perspective on the nested layers (from drugs to oil to banking to de facto slavery)
of venal dark interests "steering" our world. You have found the goods, you have
followed the money, and, most crucially, you speak out and take principled action.

Thank you for that. I'm happy to contribute to your legal defense (sent to
you in Chase). Please keep me posted, as I will continue following your efforts.

all the best,

Laughing Sky
(Gregory B.)

My Reply:

Thanks for the great feedback Laughing Sky!

A friendship in the making I am sure.

Peace as the ultimate goal.

Splitting the Sky


Here is a picture of my friend Wayne and I on
the ferry traveling over to Victoria, BC on April 11th, 2009 to do the TV interview with Steve Poole and Chris Cook:


By the way, that interview is going viral now on the Internet and receiving lots of positive comments. Thanks again to Wayne, Steve and Chris for arranging that for me!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael Herzog Interviews Splitting the Sky , April 17,2009

Here is the archive the show (about 2 hours and 10 minutes with commercials and news edited out)

Go here for more info or to download the file, as well as to get the embed code for your website or forum:

Related Websites:




Many thanks to Michael! He has graciously invited to be on his weekend show on Saturday, May 2nd on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

NOTE: I will also be on the Jack Blood "Deadline Live" Show this coming Tuesday at 2pm PST
for one hour.

See http://deadlinelive.info/ for details on how to tune in (carried on several networks)

Thank you Jack for this opportunity, and to everyone else for their continued support.

HELP: If you can possibly help with a donation to my legal defense fund, please contact me.
All the info is posted on my homepage www.splittingthesky.net



Thursday, April 16, 2009

TV Interview: Splitting the Sky vs War Criminal Bush et al

I was interviewed last Saturday, April 11th, 2009 in Victoria, BC for the TV show "Face to Face"

In this interview, I explain my actions in Calgary, Canada's laws pertaining to war crimes, and attempts to have Bush barred or arrested. I make connections to 9/11, reference my personal history with that day, discuss my investigations into put option stocks, then tie this to AIG, Hank Greenburg, Soros, Obama, Brzezinski, Kissinger, et al and the current financial meltdown (controlled economic collapse).

Direct Link:

It will be aired soon in Victoria, BC, southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, potentially reaching 400,000 viewers. My friends will attempt to have it aired in the Vancouver and the Fraser Valley region too, potentially reaching several million viewers.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old TV Interview with STS from 1993 about the L.I.S.N.

My old friend Harold Channer dug up an old interview we did in 1993 and has posted it to YouTube!

It concerns an organization which I founded called the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations (LISN).

The show begins with my brother Kenarahdiyoh in the first 1/2 hour and then me, Dacajeweiah, in the second half hour.

This show will be re-aired on the Public Access Cable Television channels of the Cable Television systems in Manhattan at 10:30 AM (NYC. Time) on Wed. April 22, 2009

It will also be streamed to the internet at the time of cable casting at www.mnn.org - click on Popup players Channel 34 - wait 15 seconds or so and program image will appear and you can position cursor on it and go to full screen.

Here is the direct link to the YouTube version:

Please rate, fave and share it !

Thanks Harold!


PS The TV interview I gave in Victoria last Saturday, April 11th concerning Bush and War Crimes will be posted shortly, along with the talk I gave in Vancouver, BC on Friday April 10th, 2009.

Thanks to all who attended the talk for your support, and to Steve, Jack and Chris in Victoria, and to Wayne for organizing all of this on such short notice. I am honoured.

A special thanks too to Gail Davidson of LAW for the great meeting on Friday, and all of her support and efforts.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

STS event in Vancouver went well, but no event in Victoria

Hi all,

the event in Vancouver, went very well, considering it was on such short notice.
Around 40 people attended and donations were generous.

Thanks to all who came out and all who helped with promo! I really appreciate it.
It was recorded and we will post it online asap. CoOp radio will play some portions
on air too in the coming weeks.

I had a great meeting with my Lawyer and our team seems to be coming together nicely.

Unfortunately, it looks there will be no event in Victoria April 11th, but I will be going there
to record a TV interview and meet with some friends there before heading back home.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

STS Updates / Interview on CFRO-FM with Charles Boylan

Hi friends!

I was on the air in Vancouver this evening with my old friend Charles on Co-Op Radio on a show simply called "Discussion". In this show, I was able to sketch out what I will be presenting on Friday night.

If you missed the show, you can listen to an archive of it here:
Recently, Charles also interviewed Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against the War. She may be speaking on Friday night as well, but will depend on her busy schedule, and if she is up to it.
The event is at:

Friday, April 10th at:


2150 Maple Street (near W. 6th, 2 blocks west of Burrard St.)
Vancouver, BC

From 7 pm to 10 PM

See this Google Map if you are unsure of the location

Admission is strictly by donation and all proceeds go to my legal defense fund.

There are just 50 seats available. To reserve a seat, please call 604-304-4020.

For any donation of $20 or more, you will receive a copy of my new DVD, which is jam packed with information, and includes 6 of my previous live presentations, as well an old TV show with rare footage from the Gustafsen Lake Stand Off, and two songs.

This DVD is NOT available anywhere else, and this is the official release.

I will also have a number of my books (Autobiography of Splitting the Sky) for sale.

I really need everyone who is concerned with truth, peace and justice to be there, and I need your support. This will be video-taped and later published on the web. Let's show the world that Canada cares about War Criminals being given free reign in Canada, and about Peace Activists being arrested or barred!!

By the way, I now have the main people for my legal team in place, who will volunteer their own services but they do have still costs nonetheless, for their office staff, etc to fight this battle. So, any donation you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

REGARDING VICTORIA on Saturday, April 11th ....

I will be going over on Saturday to tape a TV program, but still have no confirmation of a venue there where I can speak publicly on Saturday night. I am asking ANYONE there who is interested, to PLEASE take the initiative to get a room ANYWHERE you can. I will be meeting with some friends there for dinner at an, as of yet, undetermined location. If you want to join us, please call 604-304-4020 and we will let you know where to be and when. Use the same number if you can help with a venue. It need not be fancy, or cost much money. Just let us know, and we will post the info here.

There is supposed to be a demo in front of the legislative buildings on Saturday too, but I am still waiting for someone, ANYONE, to forward me the all the info. I would welcome the opportunity to join you and to speak there.

Come on Victoria! Let's show the world that you care about them War Criminals and Justice.

By the way, if anyone wants to help organize something closer to home for me in the BC interior, please let me know and let's get on it. Condi Rice is next one who will be visiting and we need to raise awareness and raise the bar in terms of opposition to these people.

I welcome other interviews and opportunities to speak across Canada too. If you care, let's work together and let's get busy. Let's show the world that these War Criminals are not welcome in Canada, that we have a conscience, and that we will do what we can do hold them to account, and to bring them and their supporters to justice!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

STS UPDATE - Event in Vancouver Confirmation

Hi all,

I will be speaking in Vancouver, BC on Friday, April 10th at:

2150 Maple Street (near W. 6th, 2 blocks west of Burrard St.)
Vancouver, BC

From 7 pm to 10 PM

See this Google Map if you are unsure of the location

Admission will be strictly by donation of whatever you can afford (no minimum)

This is a benefit to help raise cash for my legal defense.

It is very short notice I know, but I would appreciate it if you could come out and offer your support, hear me talk, make donations to my legal defense fund, purchase a copy of my book or a DVD.

I will be in Victoria on Saturday, and will have more details here asap

More info here - please spread the word !!


Monday, April 6, 2009

STS will be in Vancouver, Friday April 10th and Victoria April 11th, 2009

Hi all,

I will be in Vancouver, BC on Friday, April 10th to meet with lawyers, and so my friends in Vancouver are trying to arrange a benefit for me that evening.

The location is not yet known but we will announce it here a.s.a.p.

It is very short notice I know, but I would appreciate it if you could come out and offer your support, hear me talk, make donations to my legal defense fund, purchase a copy of my book or a DVD.

Admission will be strictly by donation of whatever you can afford (no minimum)

I will be going to Victoria, BC on Saturday the 11th for a TV interview and to meet with friends there.
They are also looking for a venue for benefit event for me there.

By the way, if you know of a venue for around 50 people that is available on Friday in Vancouver, or Victoria on Saturday, for little or no cost, please e-mail me: splittingthesky@yahoo.com

Stay tuned for more info with venue location !



Friday, April 3, 2009

STS interview on "Right to Redress Radio", April 3rd, 2009

Hi all,

thanks to Steve Allen and friends for this interview today:

The entire program runs on blogtalkradio.com at this site:

The MP3 programs in higher quality but are broken into Part 1 and Part 2 at Restore the Republic Radio at:

Their show is carried on Restore The Republic Radio.

I have done a lot of interviews in the past few weeks. Too many in fact to keep track of, and I don't have the time to post them all. I am very grateful, however, to all who have helped me to try and get my story and these important issues out to the masses. Thanks to each and everyone of you for caring, for helping, and for doing what the MSM should be doing, but won't.

By the way, I have received lots of kind words of support and there have been some wonderful comments posted on some of my previous blog items. Thanks to those who took the time to do so. I welcome your comments and questions on all my posts, but I do review and moderate them!

Those who want to take anonymous cheap shots at me are wasting their own time, not mine. My life is an open book and my personal integrity speaks for itself. If you have something intelligent to say, want to identify yourself, and leave an e-mail address, I am happy to post your comments and to reply to them if time permits, but cowardly, anonymous cheap shot comments are deleted. I don't have time and energy to waste on uninformed morons, sheeple and moral cowards. Such children should either find a playground, or grow up, get a real life, and find out what it means to speak truth to power, and to stand up to tyranny, as I have done all of my adult life.

I hope you find the interview interesting and informative!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

STS updates for April 1st, 2009

Hi all,

last Friday, Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com posted my link and really helped to get the word out about what is happening here in Canada regarding Bush, my arrest and the Galloway situation, and his site has given me a lot of free publicity. Thank you so much Mike! He has two great radio shows too. See the links on his site for info and tune in!

I have consequently been on a few different radio programs in recent days. Here is a link to one of these interviews, in which we also got into the issues of 9/11 and the controlled financial demolition.

Show: Subterranean Homesick News on Restore The Republic Radio. Go here for the audio archive

Recent recommended articles:

Open Letter to Canadian Parliamentarians, by Prof. Anthony J. Hall,
Centre for Globalization Studies , U. of Lethbridge - March 31st, 2009

Dear Parliamentarians,

The minority government of Stephen Harper has spit on the rule of law by welcoming the torturer George Bush and turning away the peace activist George Galloway. Moreover, much of the Canadian mainstream media, including the CBC, has aided and abetted the international crimes of George Bush by covering up the true character of what transpired in Calgary. The arrest of Splitting The Sky culminated a broadly-based citizens' initiative to pressure police to do their duty to enforce domestic and international law. As is well established in the Nuremberg charter, judgement and principles, following orders does not constitute a viable defence for direct involvement or complicity in international crimes.... continues here

(thanks Brother!)

No Galloway? No Rice!
Canada's federal court has confirmed the decision of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to bar George Galloway. There can be only one response: No Galloway? No Rice! Click here to read more