Wednesday, April 8, 2009

STS Updates / Interview on CFRO-FM with Charles Boylan

Hi friends!

I was on the air in Vancouver this evening with my old friend Charles on Co-Op Radio on a show simply called "Discussion". In this show, I was able to sketch out what I will be presenting on Friday night.

If you missed the show, you can listen to an archive of it here:
Recently, Charles also interviewed Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against the War. She may be speaking on Friday night as well, but will depend on her busy schedule, and if she is up to it.
The event is at:

Friday, April 10th at:


2150 Maple Street (near W. 6th, 2 blocks west of Burrard St.)
Vancouver, BC

From 7 pm to 10 PM

See this Google Map if you are unsure of the location

Admission is strictly by donation and all proceeds go to my legal defense fund.

There are just 50 seats available. To reserve a seat, please call 604-304-4020.

For any donation of $20 or more, you will receive a copy of my new DVD, which is jam packed with information, and includes 6 of my previous live presentations, as well an old TV show with rare footage from the Gustafsen Lake Stand Off, and two songs.

This DVD is NOT available anywhere else, and this is the official release.

I will also have a number of my books (Autobiography of Splitting the Sky) for sale.

I really need everyone who is concerned with truth, peace and justice to be there, and I need your support. This will be video-taped and later published on the web. Let's show the world that Canada cares about War Criminals being given free reign in Canada, and about Peace Activists being arrested or barred!!

By the way, I now have the main people for my legal team in place, who will volunteer their own services but they do have still costs nonetheless, for their office staff, etc to fight this battle. So, any donation you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

REGARDING VICTORIA on Saturday, April 11th ....

I will be going over on Saturday to tape a TV program, but still have no confirmation of a venue there where I can speak publicly on Saturday night. I am asking ANYONE there who is interested, to PLEASE take the initiative to get a room ANYWHERE you can. I will be meeting with some friends there for dinner at an, as of yet, undetermined location. If you want to join us, please call 604-304-4020 and we will let you know where to be and when. Use the same number if you can help with a venue. It need not be fancy, or cost much money. Just let us know, and we will post the info here.

There is supposed to be a demo in front of the legislative buildings on Saturday too, but I am still waiting for someone, ANYONE, to forward me the all the info. I would welcome the opportunity to join you and to speak there.

Come on Victoria! Let's show the world that you care about them War Criminals and Justice.

By the way, if anyone wants to help organize something closer to home for me in the BC interior, please let me know and let's get on it. Condi Rice is next one who will be visiting and we need to raise awareness and raise the bar in terms of opposition to these people.

I welcome other interviews and opportunities to speak across Canada too. If you care, let's work together and let's get busy. Let's show the world that these War Criminals are not welcome in Canada, that we have a conscience, and that we will do what we can do hold them to account, and to bring them and their supporters to justice!


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