Friday, December 19, 2008

9/11 Truth - Follow the Money!

My presentation in Victoria BC, Nov 29th, 2008

Thanks to Lazarus Productions for producing the video and to Victoria 9/11 Truth for organizing and sponsoring this event, as well as to Hal Sisson for the review.

Hal Sisson's Review of "9/11 Follow the Money" by Splitting the Sky

In his youth the American justice system knifed John Boncore in the back and then arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon. But their harassment did not stop 'Splitting the Sky' (his Mohawk name) from literally doing just that when it comes to his public speaking persona. He rivets you to your seat with a bolt from the blue. First, he backs up his contentions with meticulous research and then hits the audience with the logical result of the preamble, in an extremely intense and convincing manner.

Every speech by Splitting the Sky is an insurrection that you really have to hear in order to appreciate John's ability and logic – so if you get the chance to hear him do not miss it. The rich are only the poor with money but they control the world; and on the occasion of Splitting the Sky's Victoria speech he dealt with the subject matter and conclusion that 9/11 was verifiably a false flag inside job – particularly focusing on the methodology of 'Follow the Money' – i.e. who stood to gain financially from the events of that horrifically evil day of infamy that has changed the world society in which we live. The perpetrators certainly weren't Osama and the nineteen Arabs alleged by the FBI and the American Government. Better to look at rogue elements of the Bush Administration and at various international so-called intelligence agencies such as the ISI, Mossad, and the ever present CIA, the masters of black operations.

Hal Sisson Q.C.