Monday, April 20, 2009

'Splitting the Sky' meets 'Laughing Sky'

I am delighted to have received this e-mail the other day and thought I would share it:

Subject: re: Iroquoian Democracy, Torture, Arresting Bush, A Moment of Security

Greetings, Splitting the Sky!

I write to you in the spirit of the name given me ceremonially several years
ago: Laughing Sky.

I just now viewed your 11 April interview "The Man Who Tried to Arrest
Bush in Calgary."

As much as I wish to THANK YOU for your efforts to bring to justice the most
recent iteration of the Fourth Reich (not so...) Shadow Government within the United States,
I also want to applaud you for your incisive comments on the origin of American
democracy in the practices and beliefs of the Iroquois Nations.

Having written recently on the Iroquois Longhouse and the values it manifests,
I was greatly impressed by your brief evocation of the People of the Whole House,
the Haudenosaunee “Great League of Peace and Power.”

Throughout your interview, you demonstrated detailed and nuanced knowledge
(even invoking PNAC and Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard), fierce
commitment, true compassion, candid and righteous intent, and a clarity of
perspective on the nested layers (from drugs to oil to banking to de facto slavery)
of venal dark interests "steering" our world. You have found the goods, you have
followed the money, and, most crucially, you speak out and take principled action.

Thank you for that. I'm happy to contribute to your legal defense (sent to
you in Chase). Please keep me posted, as I will continue following your efforts.

all the best,

Laughing Sky
(Gregory B.)

My Reply:

Thanks for the great feedback Laughing Sky!

A friendship in the making I am sure.

Peace as the ultimate goal.

Splitting the Sky


Here is a picture of my friend Wayne and I on
the ferry traveling over to Victoria, BC on April 11th, 2009 to do the TV interview with Steve Poole and Chris Cook:

By the way, that interview is going viral now on the Internet and receiving lots of positive comments. Thanks again to Wayne, Steve and Chris for arranging that for me!


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