Monday, March 25, 2013

Video - Corbett Report - Remembering Splitting The Sky

Thanks to James Corbett for this nearly 1 hour special presentation in honour of Splitting the Sky; his life, his activism, research, clips from various presentations, etc. Mr. Corbett also previously interviewed Dac on his show on several occasions, and these are still available as free podcasts on his website and on YouTube.  Please visit:

Additionally, I have been asked via e-mail if Dac had published a full, written report about the 9/11 Money Trail. To my knowledge, he did not, although he obviously had many notes on it, which he referred to in his speech in Victoria, BC in 2008 (excerpt included in the above video).  I do know that he was also working on a book which would cover this topic. I am not sure how far along he was with that project. This topic was partly covered in this article published in October 2008 in the American Chronicle:  9/11 Truth Is "Splitting the Sky"

Here is a copy of the list of companies which he referred as being involved in insider trading, along with some related docs:  (1.5 MB via Media Fire)

I want to emphasize something which I touched on in the previous post, that the BC Government and the RCMP should be considered as being in a "conflict of interest" with regard to their "investigation" into the death of the high-profile, life-long activist Splitting the Sky.  The Government of BC and their friends want to put an oil pipeline through B.C., across First Nations territories, and he opposed that.  As to the RCMP, they may hold a grudge as he exposed their corruption and dirty tricks in the wake of the Gustafsen Lake Stand-Off in 1995, and law enforcement officials generally, both in Canada and the USA may still consider him a "cop killer" dating back to the "Attica Rebellion" in 1971 (although he was exonerated), and also for later exposing the brutal murders committed by NY State troops when they violently put down the rebellion, for which no one was ever held accountable.

If there are any untainted, unbiased journalists still out there, with moral integrity, they need to get on this case, ask all of the necessary questions, and hold these "authorities" to account, to ensure we can safely say, that the life of Splitting the Sky did not end with yet another travesty, and another major injustice against him, his family, all those who knew and loved him, and everyone in this world who cares about truth, peace and justice.

We must be always be suspicious, whenever a major event or the death of a prominent figure occurs, and we must ask ourselves:  who had a motive to want him out of the way? Who had the means to commit such a crime, and who would have benefited? This case is no different. There are many reasons to be suspicious, and to be vigilant and diligent in getting to the truth of the matter.

Splitting the Sky would do precisely that for anyone else, and so we owe it to him to be courageous, to ask the hard questions, and to not simply accept "the official story" at face value!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A very fishy news report regarding the death of Splitting the Sky

After more than a week, a new news report has finally been published, albeit a very brief one, in a local newspaper, the Salmon Arm Observer, concerning the death of Splitting the Sky, and I must say, this is very FISHY!

The bold headline reads "Foul play ruled out in death of Adams Lake man".

Sounds like "Case closed, nothing to see here, move along, move along..."

But as we continue to read, we see that the report is very contradictory:

"The BC Coroners Service confirms that foul play has been ruled in the sudden death of an Adams Lake Reserve resident Tuesday, March 12.
The body of John Pasquale Boncore, also known as Splitting the Sky as well as by his native name, Dacajeweiah, was found by some friends on March 13.
The BC Coroners Service and the Chase RCMP are continuing to investigate the sudden death of the 61-year-old man.
An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death."

Excuse me? How can the BC Coroners Service confirm that "foul play" was NOT involved when they have NOT yet completed their investigation, NOR performed an autopsy? Are they psychics, or what is going on here?

The report then states that he died on the 12th and that his body was found on the 13th (up to 24 hours later, and this detail was missing in the other report). How do they know that he died on the 12th, if there has not yet been an autopsy which could confirm the time of death?

I also question how Splitting the Sky, who is well known, could have been missing in the very small town of Chase, BC for 24 hours without anyone seeing him, and without anyone accidentally stumbling over the body for up to 24 hours?

They say "his body was found by friends", but who are these friends, how many friends were there, why were they there, and why is there not a single quote from any of these friends?

The previous news report (posted here last week) had indicated that the body was found on "cement stairs". That would seem to confirm that he was within the town limits, and not out in the bush on a trail somewhere. So, if that is the case, why then would it have taken up to 24 hours for anyone to discover his body?

And here is the most curious part. They say that...

"The BC Coroners Service and the Chase RCMP are continuing to investigate"

Hmmm?  They started out by basically saying "case closed". So what more is there to investigate when these 'authorities' have already concluded that "foul play was not involved" ie. that it was merely an accident in which he had accidentally fallen, hit his head and subsequently died?


Who is running this investigation anyway? Why are there no names given? And what sort of journalism is this?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Do these people not know or appreciate that they are dealing with the death of a very high profile, life-long, political and social activist here, who has MANY powerful enemies, going back MANY years? Indeed, he has even exposed corruption by the RCMP and the B.C Attorney General's office going back to the Gustafsen Lake Standoff in 1995!

Please watch this 2 part video: Part 1  and Part II

The death of Splitting the Sky demands a FULL, proper and thorough investigation, with full public disclosure of the facts and details, so that they can be independently verified!

Indeed, all of this really begs the question, is this an "investigation" at all? Or is it a cover up?


PS  For anyone from Chase, BC who knew Dac, and who can shed more light on what happened to him, exactly where this took place, times, etc, is please send an e-mail to:  
warcriminalsout @  
If possible, please include a phone number at which I can reach you. Anonymous tips are fine too, but please be as detailed as possible - thanks!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Exposing the Real Criminals Behind 9-11 and the NWO Agenda

On September 11th, 2008 Splitting the Sky (John Boncore) spoke on Parliament Hill as the final speaker at the 'March on Ottawa for 9/11 Truth', and he began to name the names of those benefited financially from the attacks of 9/11/2001, and to expose them (companies, individuals, countries and agencies) as being the real perpetrators. He also made a call to action to apprehend the individuals, because the official authorities have failed to do so.

Highlights of that speech are included at the beginning of this nearly 2 hour long video presentation: 

A few days later, we went to Mohawk territory in Khanawake, near Montreal and we conducted an on-camera interview in which Splitting the Sky systematically went through his research, naming the names and exposing the agenda. He stated the risks which he faced for making these statements, but felt 100% certain about his conclusions, and stressed the importance of bringing out this information. He stated that attempts have been made on his life in the past, in his years of activism, but that he did not fear death.
"If you want to know who was behind 9/11, follow the money" ~ 'Splitting the Sky'

He, did just that. The real terrorists are here in this graphic based on his research. None of the terrorists was a Muslim, none was named Osama bin Laden, nor even remotely resembled any of the alleged 19 hijackers.

In the above video presentation, Splitting the Sky also criticized Alex Jones, Amy Goodman, and others in the "alternative media" for not having him on their shows to discuss these facts, and he criticized the "anti-war" movement for also not talking about these issues, as they are controlled opposition.

On March 17th, 2009 in Calgary, Splitting the Sky became the first and only person to attempt a citizen's arrest of George W. Bush for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and torture.

A few weeks later, he told the whole story in Vancouver, which is included in this 90 minute documentary:

Splitting the Sky vs Bush: Civil Resistance in the 21st Century

In May 2009, he carried his message to Toronto:

VIDEO: Splitting the Sky at the Anti-Bush and Clinton War Criminals protest in Toronto, May 29th, 2009

And again in 2011 he took his message to Surrey, BC

VIDEO: Splitting the Sky addresses an audience at the Arrest Bush protest in Surrey, British Columbia on October 20, 2011.

Splitting the Sky continued to be active on this and outspoken on various issues, including the Enbridge Northern Gateway Oil Pipelines  (Tar Sands Pipelines from Alberta through northern BC) across First Nation-Owned Lands.

He continued to work as a carpenter, and to pursue his part-time acting career, and he was in good health. And he continued to be the good husband,  father and grandfather and outstanding human being that he was!

However, on March 13th, 2013 Splitting the Sky's body was discovered in a secluded area of his hometown of Chase, BC. Media reports say that he had likely slipped and fallen, and had died of a resulting head wound.

Several times over the years, however, Splitting the Sky had said:
"If someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall, don't fall for it!". 
All of the details are yet unknown, but there is every reason to suspect "foul play" in the death of this life-long, high-profile, dedicated activist for truth, peace, rights, sovereignty and justice.

Please feel free to download and share the video presentations, and / or to burn it to DVDs, and to distribute it freely.

Please keep Splitting the Sky's voice, his research and his legacy alive!

Ask questions, demand answers and keep speaking "truth to power", and carry on the wonderful and rich legacy of Splitting the Sky!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We owe it to Dac to be suspicious and to be vigilant

While it is still early and we do not have many details beyond what was reported in the newspaper, we owe it to 'Dac' and to his family to be suspicious and vigilant; to ask questions and demand answers and accountability, IF they are not forthcoming in full detail.

Dac said on several occasions over the years:

"Please, if someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall – don’t fall for it!"  ~ STS

So I must say that I am suspicious of his sudden death in EXACTLY this manner!

"Boncore, 61, was found dead last week on a path on the Adams Lake Indian Reserve near his home in Chase, near Salmon Arm. He is believed to have fallen on cement steps and may have suffered a blow to the head." ~ Mike Youds, Kamloops Daily News, March 19, 2013

Again, we don't have ALL of the details yet, and I do NOT know what is being done in terms of an investigation, but I DO know that, from spending time with him up there, that he went for long walks by himself everyday in quiet and secluded areas around the small town of Chase. That would have been perfect for an ambush had any one wanted to take him out.

Yes, accidents DO happen!

BUT, due to his long history of very dedicated activism, during which he always spoke "truth to power", confronted tyranny head on, outted the major global criminals and cabals, and was a constant thorn in their side, there is NO doubt that he had powerful enemies.

While I do NOT want to accuse anyone of a "cover up",  WE the friends, brothers and sisters of Splitting the Sky and his family, must expect that a proper, full and public inquiry is conducted, and insist upon accountability for those charged with investigating his untimely death.

Dac knew very well that this battle for Truth , Justice and Peace is also a 'spiritual battle'. So I would ask that others who are so inclined, please join me in prayer for his family; for their safety and comfort, and also in a prayer, that the investigation is being done correctly and thoroughly, by some dedicated professionals with integrity, as our dear friend and brother so richly deserves.

In his honour, here is a new video:

Splitting the Sky - A Lifetime of Resistance to Tyranny and Oppression 

Description: In memory of the late great Mohawk Warrior and Activist for indigenous peoples, for truth, justice and peace, and against globalist tyranny, Dacajeweiah (Splitting the Sky) aka John Boncore. This video features a talk which he gave in 2003 in which he goes through his life story.

Both prior to and after the 1 hour long presentation, I have added some video material surrounding the events of the Attica Rebellion of 1971, in which he (John Hill) played a central role.

MUSIC: At the start you will hear a song that was written for the inmates of Attica and also performed performed there by Jesse Barish and William (Bill) Wolff. This song is freely available on YouTube and is used here for non-profit purposes.

Native peace activist John Boncore found dead

Chase resident who tried to arrest George Bush, and led the 1972 Attica Prison riot

Political activist John Boncore, whose native name was Splitting the Sky, was found dead near his home in Chase, near Salmon Arm last week.

By Mike Youds, Kamloops Daily News, March 19, 2013

His native name was Dacajeweiah, or Splitting the Sky,
and it was a name that John Boncore took to heart
through his lifetime of political activism.
Boncore, 61, was found dead last week on a path on the Adams Lake Indian Reserve near his home in Chase, near Salmon Arm. He is believed to have fallen on cement steps and may have suffered a blow to the head.

Also known as John Hill, or Dac, Boncore will be remembered as a man who stood up for all that he saw as tyranny and injustice. He principally shouted from the ramparts for native peoples, and made headlines four years ago as the man who was charged after trying to make a citizen’s arrest of U.S. President George W. Bush on a visit to Calgary.

More recently, Boncore galvanized native resistance to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in northern B.C. to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

“Believe it or not, a lot of people in Alberta are very concerned about the pipeline,” said Larry McKillop, a Calgary friend. “John was a bit of a hero to us.”

According to a biography written a decade ago by John Steinbach, Boncore’s early life sowed the seeds of his activist spirit. He was born in New York City of Mohawk/Cree and Italian-American parents. His father, a painter, and 11 other co-workers died in 1958 after they were sent into a storage tank at U.S. Rubber without respirators. The family was left destitute. Boncore and his five siblings were forcibly removed from their mother and sent into foster care.

Boncore found foster care degrading and oppressive, and was soon branded as incorrigible. He wound up living in the street, robbed a store in desperation and was sentenced to four years in prison on his first conviction.

At age 19 he landed in Attica Prison, notorious for brutality and overcrowding. There he became the leader of the bloodiest prison revolt in U.S. history in 1971 — 43 people were killed, with 29 inmates and 10 hostages shot during the retaking of the prison by authorities. Boncore was sentenced to another 20 years and narrowly escaped execution over the death of a prison guard, and survived several assassination attempts on the inside before being pardoned in 1979.

He continued his activism in the U.S., and was active in the anti-nuclear and American Indian movements in the 1980s and ’90s. In 1993, Bonocore was invited to a conference in Edmonton to speak about native American sovereignty. It was there that he met Cree woman Sandra Bruderer, whom he married.

Bonocore told his story in The Autobiography of Splitting the Sky: From Attica to Gustafsen Lake, which he wrote with Bruderer a few years ago.

Bonocore was also an actor in recent years, with roles in the TV series Men In Trees and Da Vinci’s City Hall, and in films The Last Rites of Ransom Pride and Deepwater, shot in Clearwater in 2005.

Boncore is survived by Bruderer, six children, and five grandchildren.

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

Saturday, March 16, 2013

In Loving Memory of Dacajeweiah: 'Splitting the Sky'

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters of 'Splitting the Sky', it is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I bring you this news. Our beloved brother; the tireless and fearless warrior / activist Dacajeweiah has passed away:

"Mohawk Warrior and Champion of the People Dies – March 13, 2013. A great loss to the people, to the nation, to the resistance, anti-imperialist movement right across Great Turtle Island.
JOHN HILL on March 13th, Dacajeweiah, Splitting-the-Sky, 61, left us forever when he passed away in his home in Adams Lake, British Columbia. Dac’s colonial name was John Boncore Hill, from Six Nations. “From Attica to Gustafsen Lake,” and thereafter, he was a warrior, a comrade, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a friend.
We deeply mourn his loss.
The family will release a biographical statement and details of memorial arrangements in due course. With deepest love to his wife, She-Keeps-the-Door, and children. We stand with Dac’s many many co-fighters and friends. He loved the People. The AIM song is dedicated to the continuance of the resistance after a warrior has fallen A.I.M. song"
MNN Mohawk Nation News

In his honour, and in his own words ....

Anthem For Dissent by Splitting the Sky

I am still dealing with the shock myself and grieving this loss, but would like to share this with you.

I was a friend and fellow activist who had the privilege and honour to have worked with "Dac", as he was known to his friends, for a number of years. I previously managed his website and originally created this blog for him. Thus, I have taken the liberty to log in here and to post this news on his behalf.  Dac had 100% trust in me to do what is right and needful in this respect, as well as to write in his name when he could not. I believe in my heart that this is now appropriate and needful, and that he would appreciate my informing you.

I do not know the details surrounding his passing. Only that which has been posted at MNN, so please check back with them for more info as it becomes available. But I will share thoughts and feelings with you, and pay my respects to him.

Dac was a great friend, a legendary activist, a warrior for his people, and friend of all mankind; a dear brother in the struggle for truth, peace and justice with whom I worked closely for a number of years. His passing is a great loss for the world.

He was a principal leader of the Attica rebellion in 1971, a leader within the American Indian Movement with the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations, in particular and leader at the Gustafen Lake Stand Off in 1995. He and his family were in NYC in September 2001, staying in a hotel,very close to the Twin Towers, and they left the city, just hours before the events of 9/11, sensing that something terrible was about to go down. Two days later in Montreal, he declared that "9/11 was an inside job!" and he named those whom he believed were behnd it: the Rockefellers and International Bankster Gangsters and Wall Street Financiers. He said "Follow the money!" And he did. He became a 9/11 Truth researcher, advocate, activist and speaker. He was also the only man to have ever attempted to arrest the International War Criminal George W. Bush in Calgary, on March 17th, 2009.

I am very sad to learn of the passing of my great friend Dacajeweiah; a legendary activist, warrior for his people, friend of all mankind and a dear brother in the struggle for truth, peace and justice, with whom I am so proud to have worked with for a number of years. There are few people who have ever experienced pure evil as this man had in his young life, including years of solitary confinement and torture, and many attempts on his life. And yet, he was not bitter. It made him fearless, determined and dedicated to exposing the criminality of the powers that be, and confronting them when the opportunity arose, to hold them accountable.

There are few people on this planet with the courage, dignity and moral character that this man had, to speak "truth to power", and, not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk, to do what is right and necessary in the face of evil. I had the honour and pleasure of traveling across Canada with him twice, organizing speaking events and interviews for him, and we shared the podium together on a number of occasions. His speeches were a special thing to behold! But then afterwards, we would relax, sang some songs, told jokes and had some deep belly laughs. He was such a humble man in his private life too.

He and I eventually went our separate ways as things in life dictated, but there was never any loss of love and respect for him. "Dac" you inspired me very much, and to speak out about the crimes and injustices committed against my own people.

I love you brother and only wish I had had a chance to tell you so once again, face to face. I will never forget you bro, and will miss you very much, with fond memories and many thanks for all that you did, and tried to do, for your people, and for all of humanity!

My heart and my prayers go out to 'She-Keeps-the-Door' and all of their family and relations.

Wayne P.

PS. This blog contains a great many informative posts and YouTube videos which are still available, featuring his very powerful public speeches and radio interviews. You will also find the documentary I made about his attempted arrest of George W. Bush in Calgary in 2009 called "Splitting the Sky vs Bush: Civil Resistance in the 21st Century".  Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a link which says "older posts", and just keep repeating that process.

I will leave this blog up permanently in his memory and honour, UNLESS his wife and family request that it be removed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Splitting the Sky: Interview on the CBC Show "The Current"

A discussion about Hate and Anger, how it works against us, and letting it go. This aired on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 (with added video footage from my activism in Calgary and Toronto.)

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to the CBC's 'The Current' for inviting me on, and to Josh B. for creating and posting the video clip!