Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael Herzog Interviews Splitting the Sky , April 17,2009

Here is the archive the show (about 2 hours and 10 minutes with commercials and news edited out)

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Many thanks to Michael! He has graciously invited to be on his weekend show on Saturday, May 2nd on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

NOTE: I will also be on the Jack Blood "Deadline Live" Show this coming Tuesday at 2pm PST
for one hour.

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Thank you Jack for this opportunity, and to everyone else for their continued support.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dac!

Just wanted to tell you that you were AWESOME on Michael Herzog's radio program on April 17th!! I think what you had to say was a real eye opener and will continue to have that effect on people. The ripple affect.

Also, I am so glad that you were given enough time to cover more than one topic....FINALLY!!!
One topic in particular that I was glad you were able to go into was about your background leading up to Attica and then about the truth of what went down there. I know it had to be TONS worse than what you told last night on the program, but the atrocities you did describe should be horrifying enough to wake people up and to shut up others who need to be shut up.

You are a very courageous man from day one. Very few beings could go through even a small portion of what you have endured in your life.... and even if one could physically make it through one such trial, I doubt that they would have survived mentally or spiritually. You could have cursed God (The Great Spirit) and become just like your abusers and accusers, but you didn't and haven't. That is why our Father (The Great Spirit) chose YOU out of all the multitudes for this very horrendous and monumental mission.

The enemy has at least 3 reasons to fear.

1. You alone are strong and courageous...even more now, than when you entered this life. You have gained Wisdom that can only come from true humility. This balanced with your hearts desire to speak Truth when no one else will, to stand Boldly as a Banner of Righteousness in the face of evil when no one else will, and to seek justice for all those who are weak and unable to stand, all brings fear to the enemy's camp...and where can they run to? There is no refuge for doers of evil...only other evildoers. Which brings me to the second reason the enemy has to fear.

2. Along with your own strength, courage, humility, wisdom, just to name a few, you walk in the Name of The Great Spirit, not because you have put on His Name, but because He has put His Name on you. That is double reason the evil fear. You have The Creator of the universe backing your mission. This is clearly evident to anyone who has heard your story or read your book, that you are protected.... and THEY know that too.

3. You have many brothers and sisters who pray daily and nightly for you and for your family. In the Power of The Spirit we unite in agreement that you are our brother and we are bound with Our Father and His Power that His Plan be executed according to His Will and that we shall continue to walk in His Light for all of His purposes. We agree with The Supreme Power of the universe. What power do the evildoers agree with?

I know that these words alone don't pay the bills, put food on the table, or take away your pain. Though I believe that God, our Creator, The Great Spirit is our source, I also believe that He "calls" others to help support His work. You and your family have been True to your mission. Maybe others have failed in their part of the mission, which is to help you. I don't know. I will do what I can to help and I will encourage others to do the same.

Godspeed my dear brother,

Carolyn "crhamlett"

Splitting the Sky said...

Wow, that was without question a wonderful breathe of fresh air.
Many, many thanks.

I am completely humbled.