Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old TV Interview with STS from 1993 about the L.I.S.N.

My old friend Harold Channer dug up an old interview we did in 1993 and has posted it to YouTube!

It concerns an organization which I founded called the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations (LISN).

The show begins with my brother Kenarahdiyoh in the first 1/2 hour and then me, Dacajeweiah, in the second half hour.

This show will be re-aired on the Public Access Cable Television channels of the Cable Television systems in Manhattan at 10:30 AM (NYC. Time) on Wed. April 22, 2009

It will also be streamed to the internet at the time of cable casting at - click on Popup players Channel 34 - wait 15 seconds or so and program image will appear and you can position cursor on it and go to full screen.

Here is the direct link to the YouTube version:

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Thanks Harold!


PS The TV interview I gave in Victoria last Saturday, April 11th concerning Bush and War Crimes will be posted shortly, along with the talk I gave in Vancouver, BC on Friday April 10th, 2009.

Thanks to all who attended the talk for your support, and to Steve, Jack and Chris in Victoria, and to Wayne for organizing all of this on such short notice. I am honoured.

A special thanks too to Gail Davidson of LAW for the great meeting on Friday, and all of her support and efforts.

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