Saturday, March 23, 2013

A very fishy news report regarding the death of Splitting the Sky

After more than a week, a new news report has finally been published, albeit a very brief one, in a local newspaper, the Salmon Arm Observer, concerning the death of Splitting the Sky, and I must say, this is very FISHY!

The bold headline reads "Foul play ruled out in death of Adams Lake man".

Sounds like "Case closed, nothing to see here, move along, move along..."

But as we continue to read, we see that the report is very contradictory:

"The BC Coroners Service confirms that foul play has been ruled in the sudden death of an Adams Lake Reserve resident Tuesday, March 12.
The body of John Pasquale Boncore, also known as Splitting the Sky as well as by his native name, Dacajeweiah, was found by some friends on March 13.
The BC Coroners Service and the Chase RCMP are continuing to investigate the sudden death of the 61-year-old man.
An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death."

Excuse me? How can the BC Coroners Service confirm that "foul play" was NOT involved when they have NOT yet completed their investigation, NOR performed an autopsy? Are they psychics, or what is going on here?

The report then states that he died on the 12th and that his body was found on the 13th (up to 24 hours later, and this detail was missing in the other report). How do they know that he died on the 12th, if there has not yet been an autopsy which could confirm the time of death?

I also question how Splitting the Sky, who is well known, could have been missing in the very small town of Chase, BC for 24 hours without anyone seeing him, and without anyone accidentally stumbling over the body for up to 24 hours?

They say "his body was found by friends", but who are these friends, how many friends were there, why were they there, and why is there not a single quote from any of these friends?

The previous news report (posted here last week) had indicated that the body was found on "cement stairs". That would seem to confirm that he was within the town limits, and not out in the bush on a trail somewhere. So, if that is the case, why then would it have taken up to 24 hours for anyone to discover his body?

And here is the most curious part. They say that...

"The BC Coroners Service and the Chase RCMP are continuing to investigate"

Hmmm?  They started out by basically saying "case closed". So what more is there to investigate when these 'authorities' have already concluded that "foul play was not involved" ie. that it was merely an accident in which he had accidentally fallen, hit his head and subsequently died?


Who is running this investigation anyway? Why are there no names given? And what sort of journalism is this?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Do these people not know or appreciate that they are dealing with the death of a very high profile, life-long, political and social activist here, who has MANY powerful enemies, going back MANY years? Indeed, he has even exposed corruption by the RCMP and the B.C Attorney General's office going back to the Gustafsen Lake Standoff in 1995!

Please watch this 2 part video: Part 1  and Part II

The death of Splitting the Sky demands a FULL, proper and thorough investigation, with full public disclosure of the facts and details, so that they can be independently verified!

Indeed, all of this really begs the question, is this an "investigation" at all? Or is it a cover up?


PS  For anyone from Chase, BC who knew Dac, and who can shed more light on what happened to him, exactly where this took place, times, etc, is please send an e-mail to:  
warcriminalsout @  
If possible, please include a phone number at which I can reach you. Anonymous tips are fine too, but please be as detailed as possible - thanks!


Anonymous said...

I knew Dac and I am shocked to hear this news. I honor his memory and I will tell you I do not believe he slipped in the woods and bumped his head. So sorry to his friends and family.
Ogitchida Thomas Pearce

Anonymous said...

Demand thourough investigation !

Diane Denizen said...

This is happening all too often, activists just dropping dead. Its not right! I never knew Dac, but I was aware of him and his work, it seems to me that if you stand up to the establishment, this sort of thing can happen, it is tragic.

Edna said...

So sad about STS. I knew him too. Ialso don't believe he died a natural death.

Have posted about it here today:

Unknown said...

I just found out myself. I had the feeling for the past few months that something wasn't right. I'm sad, but am so glad that we spent the time that we did together and produced 'Anthem for Dissent' which he recited into a mic taped to a pool cue in the basement of his Chase home
2 takes and we were done. I added the rest later. My thoughts go out to Sandra, Che, Rainbow, Dylan and all family and friends at this time. Love Ron Bankley

Unknown said...

Thurs. April 04.
I just got the news earlier and it leaves a gap inside of me. My thoughts go out to Sandra, Che, Rainbow, Dylan, family and friends.
I'm glad that we had the time together that we did and were able to produce the powerful 'Anthem for Dissent' I remember us recording the narration in the basement of his Chase home, mic taped to a pool cue. 2 takes and it's a 'wrap'. You were a natural bro ond one of a kind. My life is better for your being in it.
Travel well. Love Ron Bankley