Friday, March 22, 2013

Exposing the Real Criminals Behind 9-11 and the NWO Agenda

On September 11th, 2008 Splitting the Sky (John Boncore) spoke on Parliament Hill as the final speaker at the 'March on Ottawa for 9/11 Truth', and he began to name the names of those benefited financially from the attacks of 9/11/2001, and to expose them (companies, individuals, countries and agencies) as being the real perpetrators. He also made a call to action to apprehend the individuals, because the official authorities have failed to do so.

Highlights of that speech are included at the beginning of this nearly 2 hour long video presentation: 

A few days later, we went to Mohawk territory in Khanawake, near Montreal and we conducted an on-camera interview in which Splitting the Sky systematically went through his research, naming the names and exposing the agenda. He stated the risks which he faced for making these statements, but felt 100% certain about his conclusions, and stressed the importance of bringing out this information. He stated that attempts have been made on his life in the past, in his years of activism, but that he did not fear death.
"If you want to know who was behind 9/11, follow the money" ~ 'Splitting the Sky'

He, did just that. The real terrorists are here in this graphic based on his research. None of the terrorists was a Muslim, none was named Osama bin Laden, nor even remotely resembled any of the alleged 19 hijackers.

In the above video presentation, Splitting the Sky also criticized Alex Jones, Amy Goodman, and others in the "alternative media" for not having him on their shows to discuss these facts, and he criticized the "anti-war" movement for also not talking about these issues, as they are controlled opposition.

On March 17th, 2009 in Calgary, Splitting the Sky became the first and only person to attempt a citizen's arrest of George W. Bush for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and torture.

A few weeks later, he told the whole story in Vancouver, which is included in this 90 minute documentary:

Splitting the Sky vs Bush: Civil Resistance in the 21st Century

In May 2009, he carried his message to Toronto:

VIDEO: Splitting the Sky at the Anti-Bush and Clinton War Criminals protest in Toronto, May 29th, 2009

And again in 2011 he took his message to Surrey, BC

VIDEO: Splitting the Sky addresses an audience at the Arrest Bush protest in Surrey, British Columbia on October 20, 2011.

Splitting the Sky continued to be active on this and outspoken on various issues, including the Enbridge Northern Gateway Oil Pipelines  (Tar Sands Pipelines from Alberta through northern BC) across First Nation-Owned Lands.

He continued to work as a carpenter, and to pursue his part-time acting career, and he was in good health. And he continued to be the good husband,  father and grandfather and outstanding human being that he was!

However, on March 13th, 2013 Splitting the Sky's body was discovered in a secluded area of his hometown of Chase, BC. Media reports say that he had likely slipped and fallen, and had died of a resulting head wound.

Several times over the years, however, Splitting the Sky had said:
"If someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall, don't fall for it!". 
All of the details are yet unknown, but there is every reason to suspect "foul play" in the death of this life-long, high-profile, dedicated activist for truth, peace, rights, sovereignty and justice.

Please feel free to download and share the video presentations, and / or to burn it to DVDs, and to distribute it freely.

Please keep Splitting the Sky's voice, his research and his legacy alive!

Ask questions, demand answers and keep speaking "truth to power", and carry on the wonderful and rich legacy of Splitting the Sky!

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