Monday, March 25, 2013

Video - Corbett Report - Remembering Splitting The Sky

Thanks to James Corbett for this nearly 1 hour special presentation in honour of Splitting the Sky; his life, his activism, research, clips from various presentations, etc. Mr. Corbett also previously interviewed Dac on his show on several occasions, and these are still available as free podcasts on his website and on YouTube.  Please visit:

Additionally, I have been asked via e-mail if Dac had published a full, written report about the 9/11 Money Trail. To my knowledge, he did not, although he obviously had many notes on it, which he referred to in his speech in Victoria, BC in 2008 (excerpt included in the above video).  I do know that he was also working on a book which would cover this topic. I am not sure how far along he was with that project. This topic was partly covered in this article published in October 2008 in the American Chronicle:  9/11 Truth Is "Splitting the Sky"

Here is a copy of the list of companies which he referred as being involved in insider trading, along with some related docs:  (1.5 MB via Media Fire)

I want to emphasize something which I touched on in the previous post, that the BC Government and the RCMP should be considered as being in a "conflict of interest" with regard to their "investigation" into the death of the high-profile, life-long activist Splitting the Sky.  The Government of BC and their friends want to put an oil pipeline through B.C., across First Nations territories, and he opposed that.  As to the RCMP, they may hold a grudge as he exposed their corruption and dirty tricks in the wake of the Gustafsen Lake Stand-Off in 1995, and law enforcement officials generally, both in Canada and the USA may still consider him a "cop killer" dating back to the "Attica Rebellion" in 1971 (although he was exonerated), and also for later exposing the brutal murders committed by NY State troops when they violently put down the rebellion, for which no one was ever held accountable.

If there are any untainted, unbiased journalists still out there, with moral integrity, they need to get on this case, ask all of the necessary questions, and hold these "authorities" to account, to ensure we can safely say, that the life of Splitting the Sky did not end with yet another travesty, and another major injustice against him, his family, all those who knew and loved him, and everyone in this world who cares about truth, peace and justice.

We must be always be suspicious, whenever a major event or the death of a prominent figure occurs, and we must ask ourselves:  who had a motive to want him out of the way? Who had the means to commit such a crime, and who would have benefited? This case is no different. There are many reasons to be suspicious, and to be vigilant and diligent in getting to the truth of the matter.

Splitting the Sky would do precisely that for anyone else, and so we owe it to him to be courageous, to ask the hard questions, and to not simply accept "the official story" at face value!

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