Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soros' double-dealing in the Caucasus

8/17/08 Article
Soros' double-dealing in the Caucasus oil market
By Wayne Madsen, Online Journal Contributing Writer

(WMR) -- WMR has learned details of so-called "progressive" cause donor George Soros in the underlying turmoil between Russia and Georgia in the Caucasus. READ HERE

My Comments:
If you saw my video talk at the peace arch you would see that I named hedge fund billionaire George Soros as being the culprit behind 911 and behind the short sales of the put option blood saked stocks traded on Wall Street.

I sent this writer Wayne Madsen the video 3 weeks ago and now when you read this you will see that he has confirmed my position that Soros and thugcast orchestrated 911 for the incursion to Afghanistan for control of the Baku Tiblisi Ceyhan pipeline for starters and to suck the worlds supply of oil.

Too bad for them the Russians called their greed and now have control of the Turkman gas according to Jerry Mazza.

Take special note of the Soros Haliburton scam and then apply it to the pre 911 short sales. Mike Ruppert and Mike Kane have great critiques on Mr. Soros which I have just run across


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