Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rudy Guliani's vain attempt to make me a political issue

NYC: Attica's Blood Is Obscured In Sound Bites - New York Times
Published: September 30, 1997

IT comes as no shock that Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani has been harsh in attacking Ruth W. Messinger instead of using his big lead in the polls to take the high road back to City Hall. It is his nature to treat opponents, or even well-meaning critics, as enemies....
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COMMENTS: This is an old article on Rudy Guliani's attempt to make me John B. Hill (thats' John Boncore Hill ) a political issue in the vain of a smear campaign against his mayoral contender that year Ruth Messinger. It was a Willie Horton type tactic used by George Bush Sr. against Mike Dukakis in his first bid for president of US. It was Guliani's bid for a second term as NY City mayor. At that time there were hundreds of articles on me in every major newspaper in the world related to this smear and I was interviewed in Surrey by CBC TV for CBS in the states. When I was asked what I felt about Guliani using me as a pawn in his bid for mayor I stated to the press, which was aired all over the world that he could have his fun now as I would one day expose his part in the massacre at the Twin Towers..

In all my interviews I have exposed Rudy as covering up the crime scene at 9/11 and ordering the removal of all debris and human remains to be shipped to Fresh Kill Landfill in Staten Island and ultimately shipped to China to melt down steel which if the crime scene was left for investigation it would have clearly shown massive deposits of explosive material was used to bring down towers 1, 2, and especially 7.

BTW, I finished the TV interview by telling Rudy to "kiss my pretty Mohawk....!"


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Anonymous said...

This message is Spliting The Sky,

The tradition of being a Warrior is knowing that all battles are met with full heart, strong mind, endless courage, and most important wisdom to know that higher powers are at work. We are the instruments in the orchestra of war. They
(the elders in the sky) see what we are up against and they
have sent help.

I have been in battle against gouliani since before 911.
I have taken alot of hits from him and now it's our turn to
laugh at him.

The enemies time is short and they grow nervous. This Is the time that we must be at our strongest. Time is a funny thing because both our ancesters and our future kin are watching us now!!!

It is the moves we make now that determines the foundation we establish for justice.

This life is but a dream our enemies are illusions specters.
Their power is an illussion.

He hid behind a crooked police commissioner. I know because I served as both aux fireman and aux police under the traitor. He didn't care about stopping terror because he did nothing about it when my partner and stoppe it before 911. As a matter of fact we were suspended and fired for it on his watch.

Someone said they wanted to blow up a crowded bus on a crowded street with a bomb...

I said otherwise.

Splitting the sky, stay strong the battle is just beginning brother.

My message to gouliani and his ilk...



Paul Isaac (sentinel)