Monday, August 18, 2008

Dangerous Brinkmanship with Russia

8/18/08 Article
Bush Speech Continues Dangerous Brinkmanship with Russia
Kurt Nimmo
August 17, 2008

In the video here, Bush tells us Condi has met with the globalist cartel in Brussels and they have decided Russia needs to forget about the rape of South Ossetia by the “democrat” Saakashvili and remove their military pronto. Russia, of course, will not do this, even though Russian president Dmitri Medvedev has told Nicolas Sarkozy, president of the EU, that Russia will begin leaving Georgia on Monday. For the Russians, South Ossetia and Abkhazia are part of Russia. Sarkozy warned Medvedev of “serious consequences” if Moscow fails to implement the globalist brokered cease-fire deal. Sarkozy and the EU, the scowling Condi and Bush the Clueless, all are blowing hot air. Last week Rus sian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Georgia should “forget about any talk about … territorial integrity,” that is to say claiming dominion over South Ossetia, where Saakashvili’s goons and ethnic cleansers killed over 2,000 civilians.

In his speech, Bush said Russia faces a choice “to act in a 21st-century way, [to] fully integrate into the international institutions,” that is to say Russia should allow the banksters and one-worlders to trod all over her.

It should be noted that Russia has attempted to make peace with NATO and the EU, but to no avail. Russia offered to join NATO but NATO made it clear no such an invitation was offered. “If nobody expects us in NATO why should we be happy about the expansion of NATO and its movement toward our borders?” mused Putin after the snub.



The Prophecies of Deganawida are coming to fruition!

"The vision from the Great Maker that peace would come to all nations led him to spend his life working to bring this to fruition. In his prophecy, he referred to a white serpent who would come to their lands and make friends with his people, only to later deceive them. According to the prophecy, at the end times, a red serpent would make war on the white one and after a season, a black serpent would come and defeat them both. He said that his nation would accept those of other origins into their safekeeping. Because of their worship of and obedience to the Great Maker, the Iroquois would be protected from the disasters to come."


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