Thursday, March 19, 2009

Splitting the Sky vs George War Criminal Bush

In case you have not heard, I attended and participated in the protest in Calgary, outside the Telus Convention Centre where George 'War Criminal' Bush was illegally in Canada to give a speech to the Calgary business elite (aka the Fascism Support Club), leading AlberTEXANS from the Oil, Land Theft and Pollution Industry, and the Canadian War Industry, and sponsored by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce (aka Aiders and Abetters, Inc.) and the Law(less) firm of Bennet Jones.

According to Canadian law, anyone suspected upon reasonable and probable grounds of being a war criminal is not allowed in Canada and is to be barred, or arrested upon arrival, or if found in Canada. There is more than ample evidence available to show that the 'Babbling Bush' falls perfectly within the description of "War Criminal"!

While outside the convention centre, I asked the police several times to arrest Bush, which they refused. As they had abdicated their duty and were now complicit in war crimes and 'aiding and abetting' a war criminal. I felt compelled to intervene on behalf of the many thousands of victims of the Bush administration between 2001 and 2009. I felt it was my moral and civic duty.

Watch what happened:

I was taken into custody where I was beaten, my glasses broken, and held overnight to see the JP. On the morning of March 18th, I was finally released on $500 bail (posted by friends and supporters in Calgary)

I later gave this interview with Raymond Geisler from CHLY-FM in Nanaimo, BC (along with my friend Prof. Tony Hall)

Unbought and Unbossed Show interviews Splitting the Sky and Prof. Anthony J. Hall, March 18th, 2009 (thanks to Raymond and to for arraging this on short notice)

(approx 20 minutes) Download mp3 (5 MBs)

I wish to thank Tony, Tavis, John Duddy, Nathan Moulton and many others from Calgary and Lethbridge for their support, Gail Davidson from Lawyers Against the War and my old friend Ramsey Clarke for trying to assist me while in custody. Special thanks to Wayne Prante of the 'Coalition of the Willing' and Travis of We Are Change Vancouver for helping to keep every one informed, and so many others for your concern, thoughts, prayers, and offers to help. I really appreciate it!

Dr. Bill Deagle of the Nutrimedical Report on GCN also interviewed me briefly on short notice
, just after my release. We will hook up for a longer interview, if not on the 19th, then in the coming days, depending how fast I recover. Thanks Dr. Bill.

Thanks also to James Corbett for this wonderful article that was posted on his site, and later picked up Alex Jones and some other major alternative news sites.

Thank you gutless PM Harper Canadian Government, Leaders of the Non-Oppositon Parties, and the Calgary Goon Squad for being the cowards that you are, for arresting and charging me instead of your buddy Bush, and as such, now giving me a public platform on this issue. See you in court!

And last but not least, thanks to my wonderful wife She Keeps the Door for her understanding, and of course to my family.

Stay tuned for news regarding The Splitting the Sky Defense Fund!

I will need your help folks.


Late addition: mp3 of interview with Dr. Deagle
(approx 10 minutes) Download mp3 (2 MBs)

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