Monday, November 24, 2008

SNL Clip: The Bailout, Sandler and Soros Skit ...and the REST of the story

Saturday Night Live recently took a satirical look at the bailout fiasco and manages to expose a little truth in the process about one of America's biggest problems: Sorosis (aka George Soros). NBC apparently took some flack for this piece.

Here is the official embedded version from the NBC/SNL website:

The video can also be downloaded here:
(get it while you can)

Curiously, the download version is 7:27 in length while the official version is just 6:23!

What is missing? The scene depicting Herbert and Marion Sandler.

FOX's Shill O'Lielly actually gives us some truth in this report about the "missing minute" and missing billions:

Apparently even highly paid pathological liars can occasionally tell the truth! (or part of it, ...when it suits them). It's amazing though that the Shill did complain about how stupid and pathetic GWB was made to look in this sketch. Poor Dubya is not even getting respect from his old buddies anymore.

Did you notice though that O'Leilly also did not say a peep about Soros?

See: American Thinker: How allies of George Soros helped bring down Wachovia Bank

"Maybe the Sandlers are helping their political ally George Soros, a hedge fund manager who runs an offshore fund whose investors may well include some of the world's wealthiest and most anti-American petrocats. Shielded from scrutiny by offshore operations, the names of Soros's investors are a closely-guarded secret."

And now you know .....the REST of the story!



PS see also my detailed report on Soros The USA is suffering from a bad case of "Sorosis"

and watch my video of the speech I gave at the Peace Arch on July 5th, where I begin connect Soros to 9/11, as well as the 2 hour video interview, where I connect the financial dots. I will have even MORE evidence when I speak in Victoria, BC on Nov. 29th.

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Anonymous said...

Y'know... the Truth... is that 50 years from now, Historians are going to look back at this and see that a completely different version of What We are Being Told has actually occured.


Or perhaps Historians in the Future will continue to create Big Brother type History Rewrites as they do now.


I figure that The Elite are buying up these businesses for pennies on the dollar... which is what occured in the first Great Depression. Consolidation. That FACT is conveniantly left out of History Books.

Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. WE ARE LIVING THE BOOK. The book was commissioned by a **********.

This "Bail Out" is probably a huge smoke screen just like The 9/11 Myth.

Maybe we'll wake up to find our government is now openly Communist, Fascist, Dictatorship, ect. Maybe the Population will be weeded out (MSG (Monosodium Glutomate) is in EVERYTHING. Maybe we are moving towards a N** ***** O**** (as Paulson's hand gestures in several TV clips indicate). Maybe.

All I know for certain is that we are in The Great Depression 2, that The Elite run and control EVERYTHING (Federal Reserve, Corporations, CIA, The Government, ect.), and that WW3 is coming soon.

I wish to remain Alive. Any hope of an uprising or the "awakening" of the Amerikan people is a complete, sick Fantasy.

Perhaps we will witness actual Biblical type events such as a prophet (Ezekial) warning the people of Amerika (Jerusalem) to turn from their wicked ways and what occurs when those people failed to return to God (or even sanity for that matter). Maybe this is simply Karma. Perhaps Balance. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". Free Will and Choice still remain a Basic Law of the Universe.

This Great Depression we'll see Grapes of Wrath type tent cities with Amerikan Flags, Dorito wrappers, and TV Sets tuned to the government controlled CBSNBCABC broadcasts so the Idiots can enjoy their last vestages of "Freedom" as they slowly, painfully starve to Death.

Anarchore said...

"Y'know... the Truth... is that 50 years from now, Historians are going to look back at this and see that a completely different version of What We are Being Told has actually occured."

You got it Jack, the official historians are always in the service of the state, which demands historical lies to mesh with the ideology of the day.

You think we are being told the truth about the cause of the Great Depression? Bush says it was regulation of the markets. ROTFL.

Why do you think there is still a blackout in the MSM on what really happened in residential schools?

No, 'historians' are in the service of power today, and all this will go into the memory hole so future generations can relive the horror, and tyranny remains.

It is the service of historical lies like German culpability for WWII that Chief Ahenakew is on trial for 'hate speech'. He contradicted the official historical lie.

'The Jews' ie the Isreal/AIPAC faction started the Iraq war based on lies. Is it really much of a stretch to believe that the Zionist psychopaths of their day wouldn't start a war that they could profit from, and get a 'Jewish state' in the bargain.

Anonymous said...
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