Sunday, November 16, 2008

connecting the dots ...graphically

I discovered a search engine called Silobreaker which graphically connects dots between various persons, companies, agencies and other keywords, based upon published articles that are available on the internet.

I typed in the name "Alan Greenberg" and, low and behold, it grabbed the article about me and my, my life and my 9/11 Truth investigations by Peter Zaza called "9/11 Truth is Splitting the Sky" [published in the American Chronicle]

The results are shown in this graphic on the left. It is kind of "mind map". The webpage allows you to hover over various names and terms with your cursor and it will give you a short synopsis of their involvement in the story to provide some context. It's very cool!

If you click on the above image, it will show you examples (it is a collage of screenshots).

You can also check out this search for yourself by going here and try adding various terms or names using the "filter" option.


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