Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky endorses Splitting the Sky

Michel is the editor of

Cynthia McKinney, Gail Davidson, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Prof. Anthony J. Hall, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Chossudovsky, and others are on board. Who's next?

It's time for others of stature within the Peace, Truth and Justice Movements, for Aboriginal Leaders, as well as authors, pundits, politicians, diplomats, lawyers, doctors, Hollywood actors, renowned musicians, with a conscience, world wide, to step up to the plate!

I need you to draw attention to my March 8th, 2010 court case and to the issues of War Crimes and Torture, to Accountability, and to the Rule of Law.

I need your support in every sense.


PS SEE DOCUMENTARY: Splitting the Sky vs Bush: Civil Resistance in the 21st Century
(free streaming or download)

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