Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cynthia McKinney to testify at STS trial in March!

From Cynthia McKinney's Newsletter


There's lots of good news on the accountability front. By now, I hope you know about
the Brussels Tribunal's filing in Spain on war crimes committed in Iraq. I will write
more on that later because in Luala Lumpur, I will meet with more Iraqi victims and will
have a lot more to say after I've spoken with them.

John Boncore, Splitting the Sky, Native American freedom fighter now living in Canada
attempted to hold George Bush accountable for his war crimes while Bush was on a visit
in Canada.
Splitting the Sky tried to serve a people's warrant on Bush. Splitting the
Sky is right. Now, he has a court date in March 2010 and we need to support him. As I
learn more from him, I'll definitely pass the information along. Some of us might need
to plan a trip to Canada for March!!


Letter from Josh Blakeney

Mr Vince Carlin (Ombudsman CBC),

You can see, from the link attached, how many of us are curious why Splitting the Sky's trial is making international news, yet the country in which the brave and courageous act occurred has suppressed the story. Cynthia McKinney, former US presidential candidate, who speaks to audiences of thousands of people every week, is now spreading the word about STS's upcoming trial. Will CBC be reporting this important and significant event in Canadian history? If the journalists for whatever reason deem STS's trial not newsworthy - as they did with the original footage of him being arrested - who can be held to account for this poor judgement?

Please see Cynthia McKinney's latest speech to a massive audience in Malaysia where she refers explicitly to STS's brave actions:
(Cynthia announces her intention to testify at my trial in March!)

You will notice that George Galloway is sitting behind Cynthia. I broke the news to the UK public in March on live national radio that STS had undertaken such courageous efforts and tried to arrest George W Bush for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Now Galloway has been reminded about STS's actions he will, no doubt be addressing this story on his biweekly radio show which is on the most listened to private radio station in the UK.:

Is it to be the case that people all over the world are going to be hearing about STS's bravery, yet the Canadian people are going to be denied this story? Isn't it your responsibility to judge the quality of the reporting on CBC news and to suss out any malfeasance, racism or bias implicit in the choice of newsworthy content? Will you get a guarantee from the CBC news department that this story will be covered this coming March (which is in about 22 weeks time)?
yours sincerely,

Joshua Blakeney

Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

It amazes me but people have not yet realized Canada does NOT have freedom of speech or media.

We are a Zionist run nation and the wool was pulled down over our eyes long ago before things began to really pick up pace a few decades ago.

We have been sleeping with the Zionists at least since Nakba. It was people like me who began putting up images of the Holocaust in Gaza last year or people would not have known anything was happening or, if they did, it would have been bloodless, clean, no dead babies.

Canadians, on the whole, are an apathetic bunch, but as our freedom of speech erodes further and further, as the Chabad Lubavitch claim more and more of our lives, this will change.

Men like STS are dangerous. Then THINK for heaven's sake! And hockey is not where it stops! We thinkers are not appreciated in Canada. We have men and women in jail for questioning one thing or another about the Holocaust or even bashing Israel too much. Currently Arthur TOpham is fighting for his life with our Supreme Court for publishing older books on Zionism.

So don't be surprised. Just open your own eyes and support people like John and Arthur and their chutzpah to keep free speech and independent thought alive ...

BTW the weekend STS was arrested for trying to arrest Busch the Lesser, SIR George Galloway was forbidden entrance to our country.