Wednesday, June 3, 2009

STS provoked by cops and agents, while ignored by Toronto stop war coalition

Dear Friends,

I am sending this to you and would ask you to read Professor Tony Hall's notes on the events leading up to the demonstration on May 29th, 2009 and take notice that he points out that the organizers refused to allow me to speak at this "Arrest Bush/Clinton" demo. (

One of the organizer of the event whose name is Nadine and I do not yet know her last name told my friend Wayne Prante that "We don't support that!!!" when he politely asked her if I could address the crowd.

It is apparent that she and a few others collaborated with the cops to racistly marginalize me from that event and I am looking further into the possibility that they were aware of the Bush secret service teams that attempted to set me up, by telling me that they had an officer in the field that told them that I told him that I was going to go into the Metro Convention Centre and "hang Bush", (read by implication "assassinate Bush").

I have many witnesses to this provoking of the police forces on site including an independent film crew that witnessed the police units on hand radios telling each other where Splitting the Sky was sitting and calling for backup, we have filmed interviews with the film crew as to what they saw and heard which will appear on the Internet soon.

The sad point of this unfortunate marginalization by the organizers of this event is that they are the same people who organized the tele-conference of George Galloway when he was refused entry into Canada by the RCMP citing the Immigrations and Refugee Act of Canada for fraternizing with terrorists organizations, which is the very same act that I tried to ARREST BUSH on March 17th 2009 by breaking the police line and risking my life to exemplify the need to ARREST war criminals BUSH/CHENEY/CLINTON et al for the crimes of torture and mass murder.

Last of all for the moment, I went over to this Nadine and asked her politely what she meant by "We are not about that", when snubbed to address the people, wherein she replied "she didn't need to explain anything to me"!

My last polite words to her were, "the position of some of the organizers of this demo is what some of us call controlled opposition", to that I she replied "call it what you want".

To all that read this initial report let it be known that I still feel that the people who attended the event were very spirited and that they/we made our voices heard around the world.

I am only questioning what I consider to be some very suspect motives of "some" who infiltrated the inner core of the organizing body of the Toronto anti war (so called "coalition" minus any Native representation on whose land the demo was held).

If she feels she owes no explanation for her racist marginalization of myself on that day then maybe she will be compelled to talk to non native professionals in the form of an inquiry of some sort.

Splitting the Sky

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Racism is one reason we are all in such a mess anyhow. But it seems that some people get so focused on their own personal agenda in the movement that they either don't see it in themselves, or have lost sight of why people are bonding together in unity, despite the societal drive to divide and conquer.

I hope that made sense!

The comment "to hang" Busch is a lil bit damning, but it is soooo Abe Waxman to read "assassinate" into it.

I wish you well with the whole mess and thank you for putting yourself on the line, yet again.