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Splitting the Sky on Dr. Deagle show, Oct 23rd

10/25/08 I was on Dr. Deagle's show "The Nutrimedical Report" again on Oct. 23rd for a one hour segment. Here is the mp3 archive and an mp3 of the Oct. 20th interview with Kevin Barrett show (Hr 2) is here

Note: In case you missed it, you may want to hear the archives from the Sept. 25th show with Dr. Bill Deagle first.
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A full, written transcript of the Sept. 25th show with Dr. Deagle is available here

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UPDATE: A transcript of the interview with Dr. Deagle on Oct. 23rd is now posted in the comments section

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Splitting the Sky said...

Dr. Deagle Interviews John Boncore


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome to the Nutrimedical Report, and if you want to hear some real shocking news one of the best and sharpest minds and if you want to call it native access against the violence of the truth a true what I call Mohawk prophet you want to hear the words of John Boncore and we’re going to talk about a whole range of issues. You are totally probably isolated away from not knowing what’s really going on and the cold white communist empire of the north, the eugenics capital of the world, Canada, that has this squeaky clean image that’s so wonderful let’s talk about all the issues, John, tying the issues of the current banksters to the same characters that did 9-11 robbing and raping and pillaging the land and now stuffing their pockets, a long list of pirates including AIG Blackstone Group, George Soros and Peter Peterson and others. Let’s get the roll going in terms of all these list of criminals and indictments.

[John Boncore] Yes, Good afternoon, how are you doing there, Dr. D?

[Dr. Deagle] Fired up and ready to kick some butt because if we don’t kick butt now we’re not going to have adjoining cells, we’re going to have adjoining mass graves.

[John Boncore] Yeah, that is true and I believe that we have to unite, bring together a united front there and deal with these criminals, these mass murderers and expose them for who they really are and I would like to discuss, today, some very critical information I think it’s necessary to assess. A lot of it’s been out there from the past but digging it up with new information and I really believe we need to put the spotlight on Mr. Henry Kissinger from the Kissinger Associates along with American International Group, Hank Maurice Greenberg and Peter Peterson of the Blackstone Group. I’m going to say that from the outset that it’s necessary to understand these are the same people, especially Maurice Hank Greenberg who benefited from the put options stocks traded on Wall Street prior to 9-11 to the tunes of billions of dollars. Mr. Greenberg’s AIG benefited billions of dollars. It was one on the list of thirty-eight corporations that benefited fifteen billion dollars from the put options trading that went on in Wall Street that various corporations would either fall like American Airlines and such and/or others who have prospered like Lodi, Martin and Raytheon from the war drive that would be perpetuated from the fraud that was manufactured on 9-11. Also, I want to talk about Marsh McMillan which is Hank Greenberg’s son, Jeffrey Greenberg is the CEO of and that these corporations here were on the list as beneficiaries of the put option stocks that were traded on Wall Street prior to 9-11, the blood that was let of 3000 Americans inside the twin towers. Well, not even it was just 3000 Americans but nationals from 82 different countries around the world and including 24 Canadians that were killed on September the 11th. But I also want to say that I’m constantly on the tracking down what I believe was a CIA-Massad British SAS intelligence, rogue elements within these institutions within these intelligence communities that were responsible for setting up explosives in the twin towers and blowing the towers at the behest of the same criminals that we’re talking about. We’re talking about Hank Greenberg, Pete Peterson and Henry Kissinger prominently and we’re talking about AIG and Blackstone and Marsh McMillan.

[Dr. Deagle] And these were the guys who had their hands out when the machines went tilt and all the money came out, they had their hands out and made billions of dollars. Now, they’re the same people lined up to get the trillions of dollars handed out to these banksters, the same list of criminals.

[John Boncore] Exactly. So on the one hand they were part and parcel of knowledge that the twin towers were going to be brought down in order to justify and incursion against the Islamic world, against the Arabic world and to move into the Mid-East to seize the Caspian Sea basin to get the pipelines running through that region and they along with fulfilling the desires of George Soros as well as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Zbigniew Brzezinski as you know wrote a book called The Grand Chessboard and The Project for the New American Century and the documents, The Strategies for Defense in America in the Twenty-first Century, all architected by the neo-conservatives of the Bush administration and predominantly with Dick Cheney, Douglas Fife, Richard Perle and many others, Paul Wolfowitz that attended this project from New American Century and called for a military buildup internationally and to secure the oil resources and the gas resources of the world in order to secure America’s energy needs and so what we have, basically, is that we had a cabal of neo-conservatives working with very rich people who are a part of what is known as the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor reserves and we know that these international bankers all working for the interests of the Rothschild-Rockefeller financial banking institutions and empires of the world, their interests. These people I’m getting ready to put a spotlight on. I think it’s important to understand that they’re the same people that have orchestrated $15,000,000,000 worth of profits from the blood of 3000 Americans as well as 4000 soldiers in Iraq and as well as over a million Iraqis and Afghanis killed in the bogus war on terror. So now, that said, I think what I want to do is I want to ask a question. I’ve been trying to nail and find all the threads necessary to figure out what specific body—I figured it would have to be whatever body planted those explosives in the twin towers which anybody with common sense can look at those buildings and see that they were imploded and when you look at those squibs going off and you see those buildings fall in their own footprints, I mean, common sense tells you that those buildings were imploded. I think we got Steven Jones and we got Richard Gage and we got many other engineers that have implicitly showed us and stated to us that these towers were brought down by thermite and a special grade of thermite that is used for military grade. They were cut at perfect 45 degree angles, 30 foot pieces so that when those buildings fell it would make it very easy for Rudy Giuliani who was implicitly involved in bringing these towers down with Jerome Howard of the office of emergency management of WTC7, building number seven. The bringing of these buildings down and with those thirty foot sections were easy enough to load up immediately and get them out to what was called the Fresh Kill in Staten Island and to get all that steel and ship it off to China and it has made what is today and we’ve seen pictures of it and I’ve sent it around on the internet. The war ship and I’ve forgot what the name of the…

[Dr. Deagle] Yeah, the have a new ship they’ve actually labeled, I think it’s called the Victory or something and it’s actually one of these new class of battle warrior ships that’s made from steel from the WTC but most of it is actually probably driven around in automobiles, now, that came back from these places. We’ve had Captain Kevin Fox and others from pilots and engineers and one pilot, in fact, had flew all four aircraft that supposedly were flown into those building although we know that that was not the fact. We know that even with the cutter-charges or thermite or super-thermite which is still a low velocity relative cutter that they had to use nukes in the World Trade Center . We’ve had death threats and continued aggravation. I’ve even told that if I even request the test in the US or Canada to have debris which I have material, lots of material to test in the World Trade Center I’ll have a government official armed officers at my door with the Department of Defense in thirty minutes if I request the test. That should tell you people Dr. Deagle has the whole picture and my actual contacts and these are classified is that the Mossad nuclear agents put the bombs in the building. They could use anybody, they could use British SAS or anybody. Why did they use Mossad? Because it’s part of their policy to say the Jews did it all; this is all part of the game. And if you have to understand that it’s under orders from omega under the Knights of Malta, totally under control of people like George Soros, AIG, and these maniacs. They’re ready to do the next false flag if they get this Obama Messiah in and, believe me, we’re going to have a hell of a year if this idiot gets in, Obama. Well be back with John Boncore in a minute. The number is 800-259-5791.


[Dr. Deagle] Well, don’t lose your mind and listen closely to every single syllable that you hear from John Boncore, Splitting the Sky, Mohawk activist and the prophet speaking the truth and telling you if you don’t wake up now you’re not going to. This warning shot, this economic warfare is the same criminals that did 9-11 and what they’re planning next after they get the Obamanation in is just going to be so shocking because we hear from, I call him, Hole in Bowel and this idiot Loose lips Biden; this is telling us in advance that we’re going to have to support Obama and some major austerity measures after a terror attack, unprovoked wars and other disasters that are all planned and plotted out by super computers well in advance to destroy native peoples and peoples of the world around and they’re bringing us forward into a conflict that’s going to destroy humanity on this planet unless we stop them and we certainly can take control and we don’t have to go down that alternative timeline if we listen to people like John Boncore. John, tell us more about the time with Mossad and these other idiots and the evil that we can stop if we just simply grow up and realize that the world that we think that’s Pollyanna that never existed.

[John Boncore] Ok, well, I’m going to tell you about a corporation called Zim who was in the twin towers. One week prior to the WTC attack the Zim shipping company moves out of its offices in the World Trade Center breaking its lease and costing the company $50,000. No reason has ever been given but Zim shipping company is half owned by the State of Israel or read the Rothschilds.

[Dr. Deagle] Yeah, exactly.

[John Boncore] I have a quote from one article.

[Dr. Deagle] Now is Zim Corporation just to insert a little bit of information that’s maybe new even to you, Zim Corp. ships all of the armaments for small and large caliber depleted uranium and missiles, etc, come from Calvary, Alberta and Montreal, Canada and are shipped by Zim Corps directly through Halifax, Nova Scotia directly to Israel. That’s what they do. And these weapons are made violating Canadian treaty so you squeaky clean Canadians think you’re so wonderful. No, you’re supplying the death weapons to these monsters and Zim Corps knew in advance just like Odigo knew to get out of the towers so they weren’t there when the towers were demolished.

[John Boncore] That’s right and Odigo was another one I was going to mention, here, but good, also the Urban Moving Company, I want you to listen to this. There’s two articles here; they’re short but they’re very important that I have to read in order to tie Zim into two things, one, this next article, here, is going to tie Zim into a front for the Massad. An analysis prepared by the CIA in 1979, twenty-five years after the US-Israel espionage agreement gives no hint that Massad had in any way restricted its operations within the United States . According to the 48-page secret document entitled Israel foreign intelligence and security services the United States continues to be a focus of Mossad operations in carrying out of its mission to collect positive intelligence a principal function of Massad is to conduct agent operations against the Arab nations and their official representatives and installations throughout the world, particularly in the western Europe and the United States. Objectives in western countries are equally important as in the USSR and East Europe to the Israeli intelligence service. Mossad collects intelligence regarding western Vatican and UN policies towards the Near East , promotes arms deals for the benefit of the IDG and acquires data for silencing anti-factions, Israel factions in the West, emphasis added by Finley in 1986. Under methods of operations the CIA booklet describes the way in which Massad makes use of its domestic pro-Israeli groups. It states that Massad over the years has enjoyed some report with highly placed persons in government offices in every country of importance in Israel . To Israel it adds within Jewish communities in almost every country in the world there are Zionists and other sympathizers who render such strong support for the Israeli intelligence effort it explains. Such contacts are carefully nurtured and serve as channels for information, deception, material, propaganda and other purposes. Massad activities are generally conducted through Israel official- and semi-official establishments. Deep cover enterprises in a form of firms and organizations, some especially created for or adaptable to, to a specific objective and penetrations affected within non-Zionist national and international Jewish organizations. Official organizations used for cover are: Israeli purchasing missions and Israeli government tourists, El Al and Zim offices. Israeli construction firms, industrial groups and international trade organizations also provide non-official cover. Individuals working under deeper illegal cover are normally charged with penetrating objectives that require a long range more subtle approach or with activities with which the Israeli government can never admit complicity.

Now, that’s part of an article, there, and I’ll get back to that in a minute but I wanted to then go into an article that was written on the Israeli shipping company and it’s called the Mossad criminal Chertoff obstructed FBI, CIA investigating Mossad…

[Dr. Deagle] Right, of course he did, yeah.

[John Boncore] …clearing the passage for 9-11. O’Neil’s FBI colleague, Mike Dick, that’s John O’Neil, ok? John O’Neil’s FBI colleague, Mike Dick, aggressively investigated this Israeli ring before and after 9-11. But Mike O’Neil, he soon found himself removed from his duties on orders of the then head of the justice department’s criminal division, Michael Chertoff. Dick was very suspicious with Israeli movers quickly moved Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company out of its 10,000 square feet of space on the 17th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center. The partially Israeli state owned firm forfeited a $50,000 security deposit when it terminated its lease and vacated the building one week prior to 9-11. According to a non-official cover or an NOC CIA source who worked with Dick Israeli movers moved explosives into the 17th floor office space after Zim moved out.

[Dr. Deagle] Right. And this all fits perfectly and I can tell you this is a fact. We have their US geological and these are, again, patriots that actually planted the data in the US geological so we have the actual numbers from their data that there were 55,000 tritium units and these weren’t from exit signs. This wasn’t directed energy and even if they used only thermite or super thermite the building pancaking would have taken a minute and a half to fall and would be asymmetric and act like a domino knocking over buildings nearby because it was a quarter mile high. These people are criminals and it’s not to say something anti-Semitic and you have to know we have people on like Barry Chamish; the state of Israel is run by Satanists that follow orders from the CFR and so is the state of Iran followed by Mr. Ahmadinejad who is an open high-level Mason and Satanist. We need to understand that all of these people take orders from the British royals, the Dutch-American cabal that’s more like a fungus spreading all over the country and the world and is sucking the life blood out is ready to totally trash the real economies as it sucks out the life blood into the bubble economy and collapse all the currencies so they can control everything and every digit of your money is in their computer, it’s not in your pocket. They’re getting ready with the hard kill, next, with a false flag which you know will be nuclear events which will be more wars like the invasion of Pakistan and Iran and they’ll know that they’re going to draft your kids, your young men and women to die in their stupid damned wars while they make the earth a radioactive waste land not fit for human habitation or any other life form. They’re ready to kill the earth and you while they’re doing it. If you think we’re making this up you’re going to die. Listen, now, we better take action, now. You better be not fearful; we better get up and do it because they’re ready to do it and with this Obama, believe me, the false flags are going to fly, the fur is going to fly, as they say. We’ll be back in a moment with your questions, 800-259-5791. John Boncore, Splitting the Sky, live.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report and, John, please continue because we need to get through this so people understand just how serious matters are in their darkest imagination the same players, Soros, AIG, Blackstone, and all these other characters are involved and this warm-up, this first criminal activity of the trillions of dollars in the buyout, the bailout, the first criminal activity was the sellout by the Congress and Senate and, of course, the lockstep attitude of Mr. Harper who thinks he’s now empowered in the minority government in Canada we’re in a lot of trouble but we can stop it but if we get the backbone and decide to stand up against these monsters.

[John Boncore] Yes, and you’re absolutely right, Dr. Deagle. The reality is that we absolutely have to understand the nature of the enemy that we will be facing, especially, the more and more we expose these criminals behind the scenes that benefited billions of dollars in put option stock tradings that are benefiting from this war that are benefiting trillions of dollars of resources worldwide on this bogus war on terror and that are destroying the civil liberties and the Constitution of the United States government and the Bill of Rights of the American people. We have to know that they have their troops in the field and those troops are ready to saturate the cities of North America and their crossing borders and they’ve got international agreement, Northcom is in command of Canadian-USA and eventually Mexican forces under a North American Union. You as a former military person would know very clearly and definitively that the operation that I believe that brought those twin towers down had to be done by specialized tactical forces.

[Dr. Deagle] Absolutely they had to be…

[John Boncore] …specialized tactical forces. And, now, it brings to me to, who I believe was that special tactical force that was behind this and it was written by an article in the cloak and dagger by Tom Hennigan and I know you know the name on June 19, 2006.

[Dr. Deagle] Right.

[John Boncore] Team, 121, the length of the kidnapping of American soldiers in Iraq . The Kidnapping of American soldiers in Iraq now linked to Israeli-British MI6 assassination teams. The domestic headquarters for this group are at Fort Bragg , North Carolina . They are now operating in Iraq . This new intel dovetails to the Gary Best, Tim Spicer, Victor Bosnia, UAE connection. These British Israeli mercenaries have been trained on American soil in North Carolina for the purpose of domestic assassinations of politically outspoken American citizens and for a counter-insurgency aka, Al Qaeda creation in Iraq. They are Team 121, again, Team 121 specializes in counterinsurgency tactics in Iraq but they also have historical direct links to the 9-11 urban moving systems group, aka, Massad and the attack on the US . Team 121 currently directed by the director of Homeland Security, aka, mega-Massad agent, Michael Chertoff, have been used to stage break-ins, aka, Gestapo-type-like activities against the private property rights of innocent Americans. Again, Team 121 is Israeli Massad with direct ties to British MI-6. Blackwater, Blackstone group; this group operates without oversight but with the complicity of former democratic Senator John Edwards, Democratic National Committee and Terror Cell Group director, ~Epstein Bowles. Edwards who has direct ties to the British intelligence has personal relationship with British Prime Minister, Tony Blaine Blair, and one stated that Bush should look to Blair for real leadership for prosecuting the war in Iraq. We will have more to say about him in a later posting. Team 121 has also been linked to noted CIA Massad handler Melvin Lattimore. Lattimore has direct ties to the 9-11 Brooklyn Mosque, aka, the Mossad infiltrated 9-11 bucket shop. A convicted terrorist from the 90’s named Ali Mohammed was just recently been released by the Bush Justice Department. Ali Mohammed was a witness to the event surrounding 9-11. Ali Mohammed, a custodial CIA US employee like Osama Bin Laden had knowledge of Mohammed Atta’s link to the Brooklyn bucket shop. Norman Oklahoma and Nick Berg, all Ali Mohammed actually helped trained masquerade bald terrorists in secret locations around the US . The purpose was for the scripting of domestic and international black ops, aka terrorist events. The financial backing for Ali Mohammed is none other than Team 121. It can now be reported that the attempt to infiltrate alleged Al Qaeda has backfired with all parties now involved in covering each other’s rear end while they’re engaged in massive arms and narcotics, racketeering, worldwide without concern of other’s precious activities. Note, it was the DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency, that originally busted up the Israeli Mossad’s urban moving systems. It can now be reported that this evidence was originally withheld from the 9-11 commission but afterwards given by compromised 9-11 commission staff members directly to Condoleezza Rice, Steven Hadley and Bush brought himself. The aforementioned parties receiving this data have now classified this evidence under national security. What’s left in the national archives became Sandy Berger’s lunch, aka, Able Danger ala mode.

[Dr. Deagle] Right, absolutely. And that’s why this well is very deep and the tie-in with the DNC, Mr. Biden and the criminality of what’s going on and that we know the Mossad is directly involved with the illegal Purdue Pharma Oxycontin scam with the drugs being manufactured by a Perdue pharma plant in Israel . The tie-ins are just absolutely stark. And if people don’t grasp just how bad this is they’re going to see people eating out of trash cans next year, living in tents, homeless, raving mobs of the population making cities unlivable and if they think this is just the third world, what happens to North America when there’s no civil control. And if they think they can pour in thousands or even hundreds of thousands or millions of troops to control population of enraged citizens they’re out of their cotton-picking mind especially in North America . We’re not going to give up our guns; we’re going to use unconventional weapons. We’ll use anything we can to stop you maniacs and you better not even think about trying it by blowing out the economy because we know it’s all by design and we have your number. We know who you are, we know where you live and you can’t get on your helicopters and go to your islands and escape us because we’re the swarm and we’re really mad as hell and we have all of the facts, now, to know who did it and why they did it and it’s all by design and it’s not to save American citizens, it’s not to save Israeli citizens. To them it’s a ceremony, if you want to call it a sacrimental offering of the population of earth and that’s what they’re getting ready to do.

[John Boncore] And we are going to defend ourselves as an united front that includes Jewish people, Irish people, Catholics, it includes all the population, indigenous and non-indigenous of the world because we finally have had it. We’re fed up with the Fed.

[Dr. Deagle] Right.

[John Boncore] We are fed up and we are fed up—look, the reality is if we can’t bring these people—there’s enough information just in what I’ve said here this afternoon against Mr. Hank Greenberg, against Mr. Peter Peterson and Henry Kissinger and as being behind 9-11, as receiving massive billions of dollars and payouts in the put option stocks prior to 9-11. There’s enough information out there, right now, in all of the other talks and all the other players that I’ve laid out in my previous talks and that many other people’s like on-line journalist Jerry Mazza and many people like Richard Andrews Grove who said that he was one of the peoples that was doing the backdoor treaty through the software, his technology, for Marsh McMillan and Greenberg’s AIG beating peoples out of a hundred billion dollars in phony insurance scams. He said he was there and that he was getting these large checks back, these large commissions back for what he was doing then when he realized, well jeez, I’ve become accustomed to this way of living and it’s a high-style living and I’m actually getting paid, what am I getting paid for? He says, ‘what am I doing?’ He didn’t realize that he was helping to scam billions of dollars for AIG, Hank Greenberg and his son, Jeffrey Greenberg and the other son, Evan Greenberg of ACE Insurance. And so that he lays it out in his whole talk. He dare talk with there and I just listened to that recently. He said on the morning of…he had been fired. They had an official come over not long after he said that he was giving too much money. He had an official come over and fire him on the spot. Two months later they ask him to come back to work. On the same day, on September the 11th they send him back up to the 96th floor in order to bring all the documents that he had relative to the insurance scandal with Hank Greenberg and Jeffrey Greenberg and Pete Peterson and Henry Kissinger behind the scenes…stopped him from getting to the 96th floor…

[Dr. Deagle] We’ll be right back.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report and, John, this is a call to arms, it’s a call to intellectual, spiritual and physical arms. It’s a sign of literally we’re now seeing the warning shots that this is going to be a very, very ugly year if we don’t stand up to these characters this is going to be the end of America, this next ‘president’ if it turns out to be the Abomination will be the president of the United American States and we’re seeing the controlled demolition, not just of the world economy but of the nation states of the whole world and the plan, that hard kill of most of the population on earth, will start. The first part of that, of course, are the economic issues and the speculation with food is now starving as we speak a hundred million people are now starving to death worldwide that weren’t starving last year caused by their controlled demolition. And now they’re stuffing their pockets while they blow out the bubble economy and steal from the public their future. This needs to stop today. All these incumbents that are in Congress and all these politicians in Canada think it’s a nice easy ride to integrate Canadian armed forces with American, bring foreign troops on American soil. They need to pay attention and take notice. We’re not going to passive over this.

[John Boncore] That’s right. And so anyway, Dr. Deagle, what I was going to do, a little article here, while we’re talking about the Mossad and remind me and I’m not going to this too many more times, but this is, and I probably will not say it many more times at all, but this has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. This has to do with very vicious rogue elements within the Mossad, very vicious rogue elements within the CIA and the same vicious rogue elements within the British SIS and the Pakistani ISI that were involved in this brutal massacre at 9-11 and it had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden and if anything that was only a peripheral thing because Osama Bin Laden was an asset along with the nineteen Saudis that they enlisted. They were all assets for the CIA. They didn’t realize it that they were patsies in what was coming down. I found this very interesting and I said, ‘well, who was the head of’, when I thinking to myself and looking into investigating it, ‘who the heck was the head of the Mossad during that time,’ and I came across this article and it’s dated August the 8th through the 15th, 2001. Israel reportedly warns of major assault on the US . At some point between these dates Israel warns the US that an Al Qaeda attack is imminent, Cameron, 5-17-2002 . Reportedly two high-ranking agents from the Mossad came to Washington and warned the FBI and CIA that from fifty to 200 terrorists have slipped into the US and are planning a major assault on the United States . They say indications point to a large scale target and that Americans would be very vulnerable. They could be Iraqi connections to the Al Qaeda attack. …and Jacobson, 9-16-2001 , Hunter, 9-17-2001 , Cerano and Dahlburg, 9-20-2001 . The Los Angles Times Leader retracts its story after a CIA spokesperson said there was no such warning. Allegations that there was, are complete and utter nonsense, Los Angeles Times, 9-21-2001 . Yet other newspapers do not and did not retract their statements, retract the article.

[Dr. Deagle] Yeah, of course, and this is why and I think part of it is they’re actually trying to be sloppy enough so people creates these psychic trauma to the population so they see enough of the truth but they decide to be willingly ignorant in the face of facts that scream out at them that their government is not only not to be trusted but their government is actually planning and plotting global eugenocide.

[John Boncore] Yes. Now, on February the 15th, 2003 recently retired head of Mossad says his agency has had many secret big successes. Efraim Halevy, head of the Mossad from 1998 to 2002 is interviewed by 60 Minutes. He denied allegations that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks saying, ‘needless to say this is not just a big lie, I think this is really also a travesty of any vestige of truth.’ He also suggested that some Arab governments may have been summarily promoting this allegation to hurt Israel . But at the same time he hints that the Mossad has had great secret successes. He claims not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public. Equally cryptically when asked what moment he is most proud of he replies, ‘this is something I can’t talk about, unfortunately; I am very sorry about that,’ CBS News, 2-5-2003 . Then we have an article, we have a statement by the former president of Italy and it reads, November 30, 2007 , CIA and Mossad committed 9-11 says former Italian President, Francisco Cossiga. Francisco Cossiga, former president of Italy say that an interview all of the democratic circles of the America and of Europe know well that the disastrous 9-11 attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world to put under accusation the Arabic countries and to persuade the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan . Cossiga was president of Italy in the early 1990’s when the NATO led Gladio stayed behind, network was exposed. The network sometimes staged false flag bombings and assassinations blamed on left-wing groups to discredit them. Cossiga admitted the long involvement in the network in 1990 adding, ‘I am proud of the fact that we have kept the secret of Gladio for 45 years. That was in the Guardian, 3-26-2001 . In other words, here’s the guy that was actively involved in false flag operations saying that it was the CIA and Mossad and others that were involved behind 9-11 and I totally concur.

[Dr. Deagle] Absolutely. And this also ties in with what’s going on now that they’re getting ready for another false flag and they’re even having Biden and Colin Bowel, I call him, leaking that they’re going to do it next year after—and then we need to stand behind the Abomination, not with finances but it would be to gird our loins for destruction of the fabric of society as we become serfs in this new global plantation and that’s what they’re up to.

[John Boncore] They got the audacity to say, ‘mark my words, within six months of Obama’s administration a major incident will happen or many will happen where he will have to deal with it effectively, immediately right after he takes office in January.

[Dr. Deagle] Yeah, within days.

[John Boncore] So they’re basically telling us right up front, ‘well, you knuckle heads, we got another big one planned for you, another big 9-11. When that happens we’re going to declare martial law and that’s when we move our forces in and we turn nasty.’

[Dr. Deagle] Well, I’ve heard a good example; I’ve heard from my sources, classified, that there are at least 50,000 Chinese troops inside America , right now. Those troops were primarily brought in when they dissembled their special forces officers from Hong Kong with the breakup in the late ‘90’s in Hong Kong . Now they also have Chinese troops doing operations inside America; I have it up in the Pike National Forest and up near other areas of Colorado and elsewhere, New Mexico, and I get daily reports from my sources that tell me that there’s operations going on in Mexico, that they have Russian and Chinese troops operating in Mexico and Central and South America and Venezuela. They have missile silos, they’ve got all kinds of operations ready and they want to have a conflict. They want to see our troop transports go down. They want to see battle carrier groups go down to the bottom of the Persian Gulf and they want to see a great big war. They’re literally marching toward this. This is crazy even—the latest statement I have here, actually up here, is from the LaRouche Report that they should take Lavrov’s promise or operation having a discussion. The Russians don’t want to go to war with us; they want to make money. The Iranians don’t want to cut off the Strait of Hormuz ; they have $240,000,000 contract for ethylene, oil and gas and they don’t want to cut off the oil through the Strait of Hormuz . If it’s cut off, people, mark my words, if it’s cut off it was British SAS, Mossad or American Special Forces, Seal or all of the above to cut off the GD and I’m going to say that because you need to know how damned mad I am in this because that’s the next big move I expect is cutting off the oil through the Straight of Hormuz, pandemics coming which they’re trying to manufacture by vaccinating our reserves and, now, threaten to vaccinate the county sheriffs with a state health department homeland—I call fatherland—security and these other idiots and they know, they should know, we’re notifying sheriffs across the country, they’re ready to destroy your health and force vaccinate your families, too. If you don’t think this is a hard kill coming, people, you’re stupid and you’re going to damn well die if you don’t listen to us.

[John Boncore] Well, I was sort of surprised there, Dr. D, today that I started to investigate. The Chinese own a major portion of the shares of Blackstone.

[Dr. Deagle] Isn’t that amazing.

[John Boncore] That is totally amazing and, well, you know what, right now we’ve got an economic meltdown happening and right after an economic meltdown comes the hard kill.

[Dr. Deagle] Absolutely. We need to get you back on next week to continue this dialog. Check out the facts, people, listen to this article, replay this, copy it, get it to your neighbors, your friends, make sure they know what’s really coming down in the next twelve months and it’s not just this election. There’s a lot of nastiness planned for you and you can survive and thrive but you better prepare today. Thanks, John; take care, and, people, take action.

Thanks again to J & J McNeil for the transcription!!