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STS interview on the Dr. Bill Deagle Show - Sept 25th

I was a guest on the Nutrimedical Report with Dr. Bill Deagle

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UPDATE: a full, written transcript of the interview is now available, posted below in the Comments section!

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Splitting the Sky said...


Dr. Deagle Interviews Splitting the Sky (aka John Boncore)


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome to the Nutrimedical Report, a special report with John Splitting the Sky Bancore and I do believe that we have John ready and do we have John there?

[John] Hello.

[Dr. Deagle] Yes wonderful, John, this is a remarkable time. We’re seeing the controlled demolition of the economy and as you recently presented at the parliamentary buildings in Canada more connections. You did a better job than anybody else that I know of connecting all of the criminal blood money not only from the 9-11 seven years ago but the new 9-11 which is occurring as we speak by this criminal cabal with the same corporations are now looking for a bailout and we want to play some of your songs but I’d like to play the 9-11 Inside Job one first and then I want to get right into it because I know once you get on fire it’s pretty hard to put out the fire of rage that you feel and I feel about these criminals asking, now, to put us into slavery and having us give permission to sell our souls, our land, our people, our blood for generations to these monsters.

[John] Thank you very much, Dr. Bill.

[Dr. Deagle] Ok, let’s go Auspin, let’s play the amazing—there’s two songs here—but the amazing first one, Inside Job.

{plays song} 9-11 was a false flag, nothing new, it’s been tried and true as a means to perpetuate the warmongering read of a very elite few,…. and ….who we are and what we do, wake up, get up, it’s true.

You can’t escape the eagle’s eye the wind can hear yours plans and lies, your skull and bones and false flag flies but the spirits of justice are on the rise.

The epitome of evil, false flag operations, when you kill your own people to justify attacking other nations sidestepping rules governing war crimes and treason, murder and genocide for your own sick reasons.

You can’t escape the eagle’s eye the wind can hear your plans and lies, your skull and bones and false flag flies but the spirits of justice are on the rise.

How dumb do you think we are? You controlled demoed those great towers—boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom from the very top floor down. Anti-terror, fire and brimstone, with a dash of pyrotechnics, suspending rights and cleansing ethics.

You can’t escape the eagle’s eye, the wind can hear your plans and lies, your skull and bones and false flag flies but the spirits of justice are on the rise.

Stand down orders to the US Air Force allowing four planes to go unchecked and off course and, hey, where was the plane that flew into the Pentagon? Come on, no parts, no luggage, no bodies, something is very wrong. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Bush had the motive, the means and the opportunity just Hitler, Pinochet, Pol Pot, and Mussolini…

[Dr. Deagle] That is so powerful. John, you did an amazing presentation everywhere you go, most recently added new information tying the criminals to the same cabal that are out there with their cap in hand looking for us for billions if not trillions of dollars, ready to mortgage the population which by the way in Latin means death grip. They want to death grip all of us and then the hard kill starts, probably next your pandemic, more wars. The Russians have sent in a nuclear cruiser with twenty nuclear weapons on it telling them that if they approach Georgia the Russians are ready to start a nuclear war today and people better grasp this when the Russians say they’re going to do something take it to the bank.

[John] And I’ve been talking about this logical sequence of events now for the last two years prominently and it’s all coming to fruition as we speak.

[Dr. Deagle] Yeah, well the problem is we have a bunch of people at the top that are believing the ancient Sumerian ceremony because they’re all Satanists called…, the ceremony of the phoenix who want to bath the earth in blood and fire in order to bring forth a new order where they can overtly control the entire planet, get life extension technology and spread across the stars but the future is not for us, it’s only for them—that’s their agenda.

[John] That’s right.

[Dr. Deagle] It’s not for the native peoples, it’s not for the white peoples or the black peoples, it’s just for them.

[John] That’s right.

[Dr. Deagle] And these people are deceived monsters. So tell us the new connections. You did the amazing job in the last interview connecting the Blackstone Group, Soros and others, Peterson, directly to these corporations that were doing stock trades before 9-11. I talked to Phil Burke and others and you put a better list of connections together than anyone else I know and it’s the same corporate cabal of criminals that are out there doing the same thing now, only asking us to mortgage our futures so that they can throw more money into this black hole that they’ve created with derivatives and Mr. Soros, Mr. Derivative himself, has wanted multiple nations as a criminal that can be extradited and no one’s extraditing him—why? And he’s right behind Blackstone Group and these others, directly tied to all of these horrors that happened at 9-11.

[John] Well, absolutely, and I’ve definitely uncovered all these people and I dug them out and tied all the connections to Blackstone Group and Larry Silverstein. Maybe, just a little recap here. Larry Silverstein put up $14 million to the Blackstone Group who put up 111 million dollars to purchase the leases on the twin towers six weeks before they went down and they purchased it from a guy by the name of Isenberg, Ken Isenberg, who was the head at that time the president of the Port Authority of New Jersey. And although most people thought that the Port Authority is owned by the City of New Jersey, actually the Port Authority is just a front organization for David Rockefeller and so it’s just a company he’s got out there making it look like it belongs to the hands of the State and that any transactions would meted through the state, handled through the State. In reality it was handled through his private negotiators and it’s a Rockefeller owned firm. So, it’s another one of his front firms. And I then started going and putting, trying to find out who was behind the Blackstone Group and the point that I was making from the beginning is why would anybody in their right mind knowing that the twin towers were asbestos laced and they were technically two white elephants and what you had there was disasters and they were ordered, basically, to be stripped down of the asbestos contamination in the building and replaced before they could conduct any more business. The reality of it also was, is that many of the firms and many of the companies and many of the patronage is that it was inside of the firms. They were starting to lose business. I mean, many, many people were moving out. Many of them knew that it was asbestos laced; they decided to take off before they…which I’m sure many had.

[Dr. Deagle] Absolutely, sick buildings. Let’s continue the story and we have, of course, Tom Scott Gordon who did photos in 1988 for the Port Authority getting ready for the demolition many years before these criminals did it. We’ll be back in a moment. The same criminals are in Washington , D.C. with both parties agreeing to this evil. We’ll be back in just a moment.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report. Please continue, John, with this trail of blood and money from 9-11 to the current implosion by design of the economy. And now, the real criminal activities, what the President, the boy emperor is trying to do with both parties agreeing to this evil and the fact that both of them are sitting down and agreeing, to me, it’s like George Carlos says, ‘if you vote for these blankety-blank blanks you can’t complain after you’ve voted for one of these SOB Blankety-blank blanks.

[John] See, I think what the listeners got to understand and I’m going to try to present a case, here, even though I’m just getting back from making a movie in Calgary and I’ve been away for a while with Chris Kristofferson and I just finished making this movie and I’m just getting back. But I’m laying all this out factual and I was also on a trip with my really good friend, Wayne Prante, there, and we were out there in Ottawa , on the march on Ottawa , on September the 11th, the seventh anniversary. But the case I’m seeing unfolding, right here, and it’s real important is what I’m trying to do is tie to this connection from the twin towers which we established as a white elephant and you were discussing just before you went off air about that 1988 report which basically was saying that some gentleman had access to the building was invited in but not really invited in to some meeting that was going on and at that time there were engineers and explosive demolition experts discussing the possibilities of bringing those towers down because back then the reports showed that the towers were sitting on some very funky ground work. The granite underneath was giving way and eventually it was going to come down and create a major disaster. So, I know what you’re talking about.

[Dr. Deagle] No, I’m referring to two separate things. The first one is Tom Scott Gordon has been on the show about a year ago, two years ago, and he did photographs for the Port Authority because they did photographs of the building getting ready for “demolition”. We’re not just talking about remediation which is 1.5 billion dollars per floor to clean out the asbestos but demolition and they seized his materials afterward but he’s come on the show and gave evidence and affidavits and would go before a grand jury. Now, after that time they kept the buildings open which is a criminal activity because it exposed people to asbestos but they had been planning and plotting to demolish it and then they decided to get a double indemnity insurance policy which was tied directly between Blackstone Group and these others but then you’ve tracked all of the financial dealings with these criminals and all the way up to Buzzy Krongard and many others on the whole list of corporations, many of them tying to the same people, Soros, Blackstone and others that are now with cap in hand going to Washington, D.C. asking us to pay for all their debts and none of them are going to jail including the state and federal other officials that are on these banking committees that should be going to jail for their incompetence saying a week or so ago the economy’s fine and, now literally, the collapse is happening as we speak. As the say in parachuting the fall doesn’t hurt, it’s the stopping.

[John] Exactly, so what we got, here, is the same criminal cabal behind the put options stock trading on Wall Street to the tune of $15 billion which was reported by Andre Von Buhlow from German Intelligence. It basically stated that $15 billion was traded on Wall Street and two of the many corporations that I named—over my past interviews I’ve named the 38 corporations that were listed as beneficiaries of the short sales on Wall Street and other corporations in that 38 that benefited because they knew that the arms dealers like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, they were on the list and they knew they were going to do well because Carlyle Group which is owned by Soros which met that morning on 9-11 basically was behind plotting or knew that those towers were going to come down and so they were definitely going to be getting the monies that they wanted from Congress in order to advance the war agenda in the East for oil and for gas. But the two key players which we’ll be looking at, right now, relative to this scam; the way I see it, the way I figure this out, is that the same players that benefited their years of dollars and put options scandals in this particular case we’re talking about, Peter Peterson who’s the head of the Blackstone Group and as well Maurice Hank Greenburg from the American International Group. Now, AIG, he was the owner and he was the tycoon, the insurance tycoon for AIG.

[Dr. Deagle] Right, and now I see AIG back in the news. And you did this by…

[John] And now, AIG is back in the picture declaring it is bankrupt and looking to get bailed out and is looking to get protection and is looking to get bailed out by the Bush administration. Now, I want to put a little footnote; I remember reading a while back and there was this, the thing I read about when Elliot Spitzer first went down for apparently falling on his own gun in that sex scandal on the Hill there. When Elliot Spitzer went down he was saying that there was a big scandal brewing and he was investigating the sub-prime lending scandal going on in the countrywide insurance company which is related to the Bush gang. And basically when he made that announcement prior to the sex scandals it seems that the powers that be got some old photographs of him and this girl having, getting it on, and then they brought that out to knock him down. So if anybody was reading at that point…there a statement made by George Bush when Spitzer said, ‘well, George Bush could possibly be facing criminal indictments around this sub-prime lending scandal. And then, George Bush shot back, he said, ‘well, Elliot Spitzer is a fugitive from justice.’ Now, what he meant by that and that’s a direct quote and what I gathered from that even at that point, even as I gave the talk at the Peace Arch in July the 5th and I alluded to that but without getting specifically but it’s become more clear to me now that what happens while he was threatening to indict the Bush game behind this sub-prime lending scandal which Congress or which there’s an investigation going on right now about AIG, Lehman & Brothers and all of the other corporations that I listed as being beneficiaries of the put option stock trading before 9-11 that basically that there is going to be indictments that are going to come down around this sub-prime lending scandal as well as not only members of from the financial communities of these particular businesses but also that there may be members on Congress on the hill that will be indicted with this investigation going on. I just saw this on TV yesterday.

[Dr. Deagle] So how likely is it that they’re going to cause a total financial collapse because even though they throw, as I said on Monday with Webster Tarpley, a planet into like a Star Trek episode into the black hole of this financial mess they’ve made it’s not going to slay the appetite of the black hole, it’ll just consume the entire galaxy. These people are fricking criminals and if we don’t indict Bush and Cheney today we may have either a full all out total collapse and/or war or they’ll do something really bad like blow up bombs in multiple cities or release a pandemic virus which they already have in many ways in this vaccine that we now know carried gene sequences that can trigger off a pandemic and they’re ready to do it because they have the police state since 9-11 ready and they’re ready to apprehend people like you and me and exit us in the red list and before we get to the truck or the train station they have a bullet with our name on it and if you think we’re making this up, people, we’re not. Wake up; we’re going to tell you the truth and you better wake up now because this is not a rehearsal, they’re ready to do something horrible before the middle of October. We’re up against it now. We’ll be back in a moment.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report and the immediacy of the hour is very serious. In fact, I did a special taping just yesterday with the Project Camelot, the Avalon Project which is part of their work. Kerry Kennedy and Bill Ryan they will be over filming for an entire afternoon which we posted up in the internet worldwide a number of new world alerts that I’m going to be posting out. You need to know how late the hour is and Mr. John Splitting the Sky Bancore has more guts and more brains in dealing with the facts of this evil crime and it’s the continuation. This is the seven year ceremonial deaths of the financial system these overlords of darkness are doing on us and trying to tell us they’re saving us while they’re slitting our throat and selling our souls and our children down this hole, this black hole of financial disaster that they’ve created getting themselves off the hook. Please continue, John.

[John] Yeah, so basically what Bush was telling Spitzer when he said he was a fugitive from justice he was letting Spitzer know that if you keep running your trap about the countrywide sub-prime lending scandal it’s going to be revealed that you were basically arguing amicus curiae for Silverstein and Blackstone to receive that 4.5 billion dollar payoff from blowing up, bringing down the twin towers. Now, here again, I read this article over here and I want to just kind of read some of it to you and your listeners because I want you to bear in mind that all the people that I named on that corporate list, these are the same players that are trying to rob the US Treasury, the US taxpayers, right now in this God damned banking scam on Wall Street which is the biggest fraud going down. On the one hand what these same criminals have done by milking Wall Street and short put option stocks trading on the bloodletting and the blood betting of three thousand Americans at the twin towers. Now, these same people have put up through the office of Andrew Cromwall, the New York State Attorney General, by declaring that no more short sales can be conducted until January the 16th conveniently enough they want to make sure that nobody can say that these same people, these same corporations that were beneficiaries of the 9-11 put option stocks are now the ones that are going bankrupt and that the Bush administration is bailing out. This particular article, right here, is called ‘Lehman Filed for Bankruptcy, Merrill is sold’ by Andrew Ross Soren. And it says in one of the most dramatic days in Wall Street’s history Merrill Lynch which is on that list of 38 corporations agreed to sell itself on Sunday to Bank of America which is on the list of 38 corporations that benefited from 9-11 for roughly 50 billion dollars to avert a deepening financial crisis while another prominent security firm, Lehman Brothers, which is another one that is on that list of 38 filed for bankruptcy protection and hurled towards liquidation after it failed to find a buyer. The hungry move which reshapes…

I’m going to drop down just a little bit further here.

A…move which reshapes the landscape American Finance marked the latest chapter and tumultuous year in which the once filed financial institution have been brought to their knees as a result of hundreds of billions of dollars in losses because of bad mortgage finance in real estate investments.

Now, what does that have to do with Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae which Bush bailed out? Now, here’s the one, here’s what you need to hear.

But even as the fate of Lehman and Merrill hung in the balance another crisis loomed as the insurance giant, American International, which I basically stated very clearly to be for Maurice Hank Greenburg was one of the major beneficiaries of the blood spilled by 9-11. His son also, Jeffrey Greenburg, happens to be 7% owner of the Blackstone Group and Blackstone Group was the one that purchased 111 million dollars to Silverstein’s 14 million dollars. Ok, so now it appears to teeter, staggered by losses coming from the credit crises, AIG sought a 40 billion dollar lifeline from the Federal Reserve. Well, we know who that is. Well, we know who the Federal Reserve is for sure, that’s Rothschild and Rockefeller. Without the company he may have only have days to survive. The stunning series of events culminated in a weekend of frantic around the clock negotiations as Wall Street Bank goes huddled into meeting at the behest of Bush administration officials to try to find to try to avoid a downward spiral in the markets stemming from a crisis of confidence.

My goodness, now listen to this quote:

‘My goodness, I’ve been in the business thirty-five years and these are the most extraordinary events I’ve ever seen’ said Peter G. Peterson, cofounder of the private equity firm The Blackstone Group who was head of Lehman in the 1970s and Secretary of Commerce in the Nixon Administration. It remains to be seen whether the sale of Merrill which is worth more than a 100 billion dollars during the last year and the controlled demise of Lehman will be enough to finally turn the tide in the year long financial crises that has crippled Wall Street and so on and so forth.

So what we got, we have got the same criminal cabal that made billions of dollars in put option trading on Wall Street on the deaths of 3000 Americans plus millions that have died as the subsequent to that action which Americans have been so duped. The American military has been so duped…

[Dr. Deagle] Yeah, a 100 thousand, at least, American…

[John] …impunity in the Mid-East with other countries been aiding and abetting in this scam and now the scam is to make us think that if we don’t put our 700 billion dollars to these same criminals that are trying to milk the US Treasury and the US taxpayer out of every single damned dollar we got to throw the country into a depression that if we don’t hurry up and get passed through Congress the US Treasury bad loans, Henry Paulsen and Ben Bernacke of the Federal Reserve, if we don’t get this through, right now, and we don’t pass it right now everything’s going to collapse behind us. You know what they’re doing? They’re taking the money, they shipped the money into Europe, they got their money in offshore accounts around the world and they’re trying to bleed some more money from the US taxpayer, take that money and send it across and bail out, to take that money and run with the money and leave America vulnerable to the attacks that you were just talking about.

[Dr. Deagle] Exactly. What they’re doing, now, is like going to Pirate’s Cove, they’re moving all their money to Babylon to Dubai and Jedda and these other new super cities. They’re literally strip mining America and putting us into a debt to hock to something that doesn’t even exist and it’s all leverage debt. They’ve created this giant black hole of debt. Mr. Soros is a criminal who invented, we call Mr. Derivatives, is the guy behind a lot of this and these people have gotten away, they need to all go to jail, right now, and that includes Bush and, in fact, all of these Senators and Congressmen including the two criminals that are now meeting there. Obama and McCain are meeting with this criminal, Bush and Cheney ready to do this to us and I’m telling people, today, you need to rise up out of your seat like the movie network, you need to get mad and you need to get a sign, you need to get organized, you need to start marching on the city capitols, on the state capitols and Washington, D.C. You need to say like it’s saying in the news, now, you better not sign this, you better not do this, you better do what’s right which is like the bills like Ron Paul talks about, abolishing the Federal Reserve. You need to abolish derivatives, you need to put these criminals away including Bush and Cheney and you better do it now because before they leave office which they may not at the rate things are going we may have a nuclear conflict with Iran. We may have Israel trying to pull off something or they may not blow up nukes like they did in the World Trade Center which we have proof. We now have the scientists in Germany working on proof that they blew up those towers not just with thermite cutters which would create a pancake, it would have taken 90 plus seconds to drop, they used nukes in there and they’re planning to blow up nukes, release pandemic, starve us out and if the dollar collapses we won’t be able to put food on our table, drive to work or even the farmers get the crop out of the ground. You better wake up, people, and march today because it’s now, the time to act. We’ll be back in a moment with John Bancore. You better get mad or you’re going to get soon enslaved and then you’re going to die.


[Dr. Deagle] We are not just going to just lose your mind, today, these fools think we’re stupid and they think we’re not going to resist and they think we’re going to put up with this. Let me tell you, it’s like the Germans. This is in a sense, the Kristalnacht of America and if you don’t understand what that means, it means the night of crystal where they threw all the crystal in heaps and they took all the gold and they started showing the people in Israel, they’ve done this to the native peoples for decades, stealing their land, crushing them, killing them, sterilizing them and now they’re ready to do it to you. And like Mr. Bonhoffer, pastor in Europe , he made this statement and eventually he was carted off to a prison camp that when they first came for this group and that group and I didn’t speak up and then when they came for me there was no one to speak up. You need to speak up for the future generations of Americans, both native and non-native. You need to speak out for the future of peoples around the world that they’re using America as a clenched fist and a brood mare to invade nations and the Russians and other nations won’t put up with it and that’s why they want to make America hated in most nations so that they can crush it with nuclear fire when the time comes because they’ve passed the technology to these nations. Then they have already missile silos in Central and South America and off Cuba . They have the Russians now enraged as to the actions and they know that this government is not beyond invading Iran and not beyond causing the death of millions from nuclear fallout. These people need to go to jail now. They need to have indictments immediately. They need to have the security officers, the special security people, in the White House and every capitol of every place where these criminals are involved to apprehend them now or we’re going to have a major collapse and believe me when they start the financial meltdown it’s going to precipitate civil war in this country and we don’t want that. They want it because they want to clamp down with Blackwater Security and foreign troops. That’s why they have hundreds of thousands of these hardened criminals now fresh from killing lots of Iraqi men, women and children and for sport blowing their brains out and they’re going to try to do it to you, people, wake up. John, back to you.

[John] Yes, I totally agree and I think that we should be initiating an immediate move if this Andrew Cuomo, the New York State attorney general is serious about investigating the put option stock tradings behind 9-11, the short sales and wants the information. I think that we should be flooding him with the information that certainly I have researched over the last seven years plus more information that I’m about ready to detail and critique right now. It’s a good thing that you point out…because I wanted to shift into understanding the role of Blackwater. Let me first and foremost say that Blackwater has a definitive tie behind 9-11 and if you read this article and this is a very important article that you have to hear by Larry Chin and it’s called the Empire’s Operatives Exposed, the Krongards, 9-11 and Blackwater/Iraq. And it says the new bombshell testimony before Congress—and this was on November 19, 2007—new bombshell testimony before Congress has revealed that Elvin B. Buzzy Krongard, the former CIA Executive Director connect to 9-11 insider trading is a consultant and advisory board member of Blackwater, USA, the New World Order’s leading intelligence related corporate mercenary death squad now under investigation for war crimes, murder, arms smuggling and fraud in Iraq.

[Dr. Deagle] Right, and listen to this…

[John] Now, let me finish this article, let me inject this revelation, Blackwater is the private army of Blackstone. Blackstone is owned by Nathan Rothschild and Soros is his point man, the Colonel, Lieutenant in their army on the war for resources worldwide. Buzzy Krongard’s Blackwater role was confirmed by Buzzy’s brother, Howard Cookie Krongard, who not ironically is the Bush-Cheney Administration’s State Department Inspector General and official under fire for stonewalling and for watching attempt to…. Blackwater’s operations. It was during the last Wednesday’s hearings before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chaired by Henry Waxman, Democrat of California that Cookie Krongard denied…the leader in the same testimony the fact that his own brother was a Blackwater Advisory Board member throughout the period in which Cookie engaged in the cover-up of Black water. It is not known if Cookie Krongard lied or was lied to but he has now recused himself from all matters having to do with Blackwater as thoroughly documented by Michael C. Ruppert and crosses the Rubicon, the decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil until 1997. Buzzy Krongard was the Vice-chairman of Investment Bank, A.B. Brown, Alex Brown, A.B. Brown and its previous incarnations have been involved with Bush family business ventures for generations including deals with the Carlyle Group which is owned by George Soros. It is also one of the—that’s my own little injection here—it is also one of the major investment houses implicated for money laundering and Congressional probes, brothers in illegal arms. Krongard joined the CIA in 1998 as the counsel to CIA director, George Tenet and was named CIA executive director, the CIA’s number three position by George W. Bush in March of 2001. The Deutsche Bank, Alex Brown private banking operation headed by Krongard through 1998 and taken over by Krongard’s colleague Mael Shitak III [sp?] was one of the major hubs of 9-11 insider trading where put options were purchased on American Airlines and other 9-11 related stocks as written by Ruppert. The trades could only have been made by people high enough in the US Israeli and the European intelligence community including Russia to know about the attacks and more importantly which of the many planned attacks were going to be successful. It is no surprise that Howard, Kookie Krongard has along with brother Buzzy enjoyed high official Bush-Cheney positions and profits from the war on terrorism, apparently, continuously from 9-11 all the way to the present Iraq occupation and quagmire. These and other damning facts add to the multitude of direct lines leading from 9-11 to Iraq and beyond and have been exposed piecemeal in recent years in media reports that allegedly ignored to misunderstood by the masses and so on and so forth. So what we got here is that we’ve got a known fact that the number three man in the CIA, Buzzy Krongard, who was also, he was sent there purposely by George Bush to investigate the crimes behind put option stocks, behind 9-11 but, of course, none of it could be released to the public…because of a clause called portage. The same kind of clause deals with the Carlyle Group which is a private equity company and not a trader in common public securities. It is virtually immune from oversight or regulation. What this means, of course, is that the company can engage in what is essentially insider trading with impunity. Government officials with certain policies in place and then leave their government post to join the Carlyle Group where they initiate investment strategies that exploit the very policies they enact while in government. It’s brilliant, so says this author.

So, what you got, you got Buzzy Krongard in the CIA investigating, trying to put a seal on it of the investigations, closing it in, right to the government inside knowledge for government employees, only, or…knowledge only, that they got a clause called portage and the same kind of portage of clause that they don’t have to release their findings on insider trading as well as who was actually behind it. But in this case you got Buzzy Krongard known to have benefited from 9-11 put option stocks through the company, AB Brown.

[Dr. Deagle] Wow. Now, here, you’ve done an amazing job of tying these. Here’s even a few more steps and this ties it to what recently happened in August in Tbilisi in Georgia and the South Ossetia attack. They had 1500 Blackwater; now, their name is changed to Blackwater Security worldwide and they had over a thousand Israeli mercenaries plus Israeli Mossad and they had US heavy lift aircraft bringing all kinds of artillery and aircraft and parts for war to the Georgians, as well as training them and when they tried to attack and block off the Roki Tunnel which is all the pipelines they then, the Russians smashed them because you mess with the Russians, they’ll hit you with 10% first and when they come back they’re going to hit you with 110% and their warning, ‘we’re going to have a nuclear war if they keep pushing and if we leave these fools in power we’re going to have radiation, people, we’re going to have millions dead. You better listen now because the end is coming quickly.

[John] So, we got to know who our immediate opposition is going to be. See start thinking like generals and soldiers in an army right now. We have to understand that Blackwater is definitely the first line of assault against the population. These bastards will be executing the will of the New World Order. And these knuckleheads must be confronted and I was reading an article that was dug up…

[Dr. Deagle] We’ll be back in just a moment, John, keep that thought and you need to listen to hour three because it’s even going to be more powerful when we come back with this article.


{song] United in fear we trade freedom, our prize, for the Patriot Act as united we securitize. United in power over patriarchy we messaginize. United in self-righteous arrogance we imperialize. United in degenerate genital mutilation we circumcise. United in we consume and spend and united we capitalize. United in greed we exploit as united we multi-nationalize. United we commit economic suicide as united we globalize. United in belligerent violence we waste trillions as united we militarize. United we massacre millions and think we’re so brave, united we fanaticize. United we bomb, destroy, maim, mass murder, slaughter and terrorize. United in massive denial we look the other way as united we atrocitize. United in might makes right we dominate. United we patronize, united we pillage the third world and then united we moralize. United we covet the resources and united we monopolize. United in total denial we deny that united we brutalize. United we believe without question the star-spangled propaganda our leaders so unceasingly televise. And united we so very obediently swallow the many fabricated red, white and blue lies and united we’re so blind with closed eyes except wide-eyed…spies and in the many resource rich countries that united we occupy and we colonize and united we impoverish and victimize. Yet another corporate baby has cried and yet another heartbroken mother cries and yet another star spangled bomb drops and yet another innocent child heinously dies, yet another example of united we collateralize. Just US business as usual as united we privatize. United we stand completely deranged, global terrorists in our freedom and democracy disguised as United We Stand, apathetic and complicit and American terrorism as united we turn on TV to desensitize as united we stand in massive denial as united we ignore the pleas of the innocent ones we exterminize as united we stand inanely pledging allegiance to the flag of fascist terrorism as their blood on it dries as united we stand surrendering our freedom to the real axis of evil, corporations, CIA, and military guys as united we stand with our heads in the sand as the American Fourth Reich is born and freedom dies as united so comfortably numbed and deniably dumb that united we don’t have sense to realize that united we stand on the brink of the New World Order totalitarian police state, united we are so blind. (End of song)

[Dr. Deagle] Now after taking a deep breath and listening to that, John, and all the audience out there you better pay attention to the news about the rearmament of Venezuela and Russia to the issues going on in our economy with the controlled demolition with the planned and plotted—and believe me, this is what’s called the end of the second phase which is economic meltdown and the next phase is what’s called the hard kill. The hard kill phase is where they then take Blackwater Security worldwide and other foreign troops and grab you in the middle of the night and take you in little trucks off to train stations where you will be in facilities that are properly designed, executed or put into work camps that say ‘Work to Live’, no different than Nazi Germany. Do you think this is made up? You’re a fool like those that in Kristalnacht said, ‘no, I’m going to go back to my bakery or my jewelry business in Berlin and I’m going to be fine. You’re not. If you don’t protest, if you don’t contact your Congressman, if you don’t get enraged today don’t complain when the shackles cut tomorrow and you scream a blood curdling scream as the railcar pulls out with you and your family for internment or execution. You better pay attention today to how serious this is because it is the time to take action. Back to you, John.

[John] Yes, and the first rule of thumb for every person that is resisting the ultimate climax of this bloody climax of the New World Order is to understand the nature of enemy that you are facing. So it is important to get a little more understanding of this group known as the Blackstone. And I read an article here called the Blackwater Knights of Malta in Iraq .

[Dr. Deagle] Ah ha! Exactly, let’s do that.

[John] Yeah, let’s talk about this and I’m going to read it in totality because we have to understand who we’re dealing with here. The painful of modern era of the Muslim history evokes the battles fought in the Crusades of the eleventh century. When the Knights of Malta began their operations as a Christian militia whose mission it was to defend the land conquered by the Crusaders. These memories return violently to mind with the discovery of links between the so-called security firms in Iraq such as Blackwater have historic links with the Order of Malta. You cannot exaggerate it; the Order of Malta is a hidden government or the most mysterious government in the world.

[Dr. Deagle] Right.

[John] Now this was by Jordanian M.P. Jamal Mohamed Abidoc from an editorial in the United Arab Emirates …entitled the Knights of Malta, More Than a Conspiracy, Abidoc describes the role played by the Knights of Malta during the Crusade and that order is playing a similar role in the Middle East , today, citing the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan . Now, Blackwater is more than just a private army, much more than just another capitalist war profiteering business operation. It is an army operating outside all the laws, outside and above the US Constitution and yet is controlled by people within and outside of our government who’s…the foreign Vatican State . In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome to the Order of Malta .

[Dr. Deagle] Exactly, in fact, they’re tied directly together and if you had people on like the Teutonic Knights which are the Knights of Malta literally guard the Royals of Europe as the ‘bloodline descendants of their blasphemous claim that all the kings of Europe and all the Czars of Russia were bloodline descendants of Jesus Christ and King David. This is the craziness that we have to deal with.

[John] And yet, ok, and allegiance is primarily to the foreign Vatican state. In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome through the Order of Malta which is itself considered under international law as a sovereign entity with special diplomatic powers and privileges. Like Blackwater the Order of Malta is untouchable because it is at the heart of the elite aristocracy. The Knights of Malta is not merely a charitable organization; that’s just an elaborate front…

[Dr. Deagle] Right.

[John] …as should become clear to you later. The name as the name sovereign military Order of Malta confirms it is a military order based on the crusader Knights hospitalier… Jerusalem and it’s interwoven…

[Dr. Deagle] We’ll be right back.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report and please continue, John, with that amazing expose—back to your thoughts.

[John] Ok, I was cut off and I didn’t know exactly where I left off so I’m go right back from this point here. The Knights of Malta is not merely charitable organization. That’s just an elaborate front. It should become to clear to you later. As the name, sovereign military order of Malta confirms it is a military order based on the Crusader Knights hospitalier of Jerusalem and interwoven with Freemasonry. Most people have never heard of the MOM much less than it is a part of Freemasonry but that is the way the aristocracy like it. One of symbols of the military orders of the Vatican , the Masonic double-headed eagle emblazoned with the Maltese cross signify omnipotent royal dominion over both East and West. The orb signifies temporal domination over the globe of the earth and the scepter signifies control over the spiritual and religious and religious impulses of humanity. This eagle symbol is used in the Masonic word of Memphis and….under which it reads order out of chaos, the Hegelian method of crisis creation. It is found on the seals of many European and Eurasian nation states including that of Russian indicating direct Vatican control over those countries. It symbolizes the desire of a predatory elite with virtually unlimited resource to totally dominate the entire world under a New World Order global government system using secrecy, manipulation, coercion and terror with the ends justifying the means. Now, the two-headed eagle emblem of the Byzantine Roman Empire on the red shield was adopted in 1743 by the infamous goldsmith Amschel Moses Bauer. He opened a coin shop in Frankfort , Germany and hung up on his door his lyre, this Roman eagle on a red shield. The shop became known as the red shield firm. The German word for red shield is Rothschild. After this point the Rothschilds became the bankers to kings and pontiffs alike among the richest families in the world. Ever since, they have financed both sides of every major war and revolution using the Hegelian dialectic to engineer society towards their New World Order. Now, I say that because we all know that the New World Order or the Federal Reserve Bank is owned and controlled by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and it all goes back to all the research I did. I wondered why they fired that guy, Bill Bergman, from the New York Federal Reserve and Chicago for investigating the put options stock trading and then from that point I said, ‘well, who owns the Federal Reserve and when I Googled in this elaborate chart came out, Rockefeller and Rothschild family treason, all of their corporate holdings. Lo and behold on the list of corporate holdings the majority of the corporations that benefited from put options stocks are owned and controlled by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

[Dr. Deagle] Right, and this is the same group that’s running the world and I will on this program say who is doing it and bring on experts like yourself that are not fearful to say that it’s the Knights of Malta, it’s the Teutonic Knights, it’s the Hanseatic League, it is the Zionistic…Jacob Frank anti-Messiah followers, the Synagogue of Satan and these two groups of Zionists we call the Zionazis are behind this and the same ones asking with cap in hand for billion dollar bailouts that’s going to become trillion dollar and it is the move toward a regionalized world system that’ll ultimately even ban money and only digits in a computer cybernetic world will allow you to buy and sell and that is the mark of the beast which is the next step and they’re planning and plotting the hard kill as the next stage soon. It may be as soon as next year but we are within days to weeks against the possible martial law. If people think this is made up they’re just not paying attention.

[John] Which is the exact reason, the exact same players that are behind the move into seizing control of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea base….Tbilisi…pipeline and other pipelines in that region and they are rapidly moving to seize control of all oil and gas reserves worldwide and it’s all a part of their ongoing plan to seize these resources and this is why 9-11 was manufactured to create that new Pearl Harbor necessary to bring down those towers that were basically the result of an operation done by the Massad, by the CIA, the SAS and the IPI.

[Dr. Deagle] Exactly. And the fact is we have the proof now. Why don’t we have indictments? Why do we have even people…

[John] So, now, what we have to understand is that with the build up, now, and this confrontation this détente…with this nuclear détente with Russia, what we have to do now is we’ve come to the point where we either affect spontaneously some form of critical mass to move for intervention as you say to hold these criminals at the peak of this demonic power to pull these people in and arrest them and detain them and mete out sentences necessary from a war crimes tribunal to arrest them immediately and/or allow them to continue to loot the Treasury, the US Treasury, make off with the money, sent in their executioners and then begin the bloodletting.

[Dr. Deagle] Exactly. Now, I have several reports up; you need to read the latest one from Joan Veon, she’s sending me another one. She may call in for a moment this hour. She’s going to be on next week. The blackmailing of the United States Congress, Federal Reserve and Treasury…at Congress and then I posted up a full text of Armenidad’s speech to the United Nations. You need to read this people and realize who’s the real criminal here, it’s Bush/Cheney, who’s trying to start Armageddon, who’s planning on killing between one and thirty-two million people from a nuclear attack on a sovereign nation, who’s trying to start World War III, who has repeated the policy of P.D.D. 60 which is they will not even do a counter-fire against Russia or China if fifty million Americans die in a nuclear fire storm. And if you think that these people care about you when they’re munching their rations down in an underground bunker while America fries, forget it. It’s part of their ceremony, their religious ceremony, that they are about to do on the entire planet.

[John] On the grander scheme of things to happen I was a little surprised to find out but not really surprised that when I was out there in the Mohawk Territory at my friend…there in….Mohawk Territory right after we did the talk on Parliament Hill there on the seventh anniversary of the bloodletting by the Federal Reserve in New York at the Twin Towers. But when we were there we gave a two-hour talk which is, by the way, that two-hour interview I gave to a group for the 9-11 Montreal group, the truth organization there in Montreal and a guy by the name of Patrick Byron interviewed me and in that talk which you can see that talk and every other talk I have on and I also have a blog, a splitting the sky blog but in that talk I was talking with my sister there, Constinetta and she was telling me that there was big trouble at one of the reserves there, the reserve that I come from was the independent sovereign nation, the Mohawk Nation…

[Dr. Deagle] We’ll be right back, we need to hear more in a moment; keep that thought, John, we’ll be right back.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back to the Nutrimedical Report. Before we go back to John which is amazing report, today, we’re going to have a quick one or two minute cameo with Pat Buchanan, the Electro Chee energy meridian detox…

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[Dr. Deagle] John, keep that thought because this issue about things going on in the reserves is very important. I found it because I have many native friends. I have, in fact, myself in my distant ancestors I have some Mickmac and I can tell you that what’s going on is on many of these reserves they have these giant casinos. They also have a lot of places, like I visited the Blood Indian Reserve in the early ‘80’s at the direction of the then western director for Sesus[sp?] and he told me to go out there. There was a giant civil detention camp that he told me was for ‘Americans and dissident Canadians. If you don’t think they’re getting ready and have been for four decades almost you’re just not paying attention. Back to you, John.

[John] Yeah, that’s exactly where I was heading with this. Apparently, it’s a known fact that many of the Mafia types are totally….they do a lot of business on Indian reservations and they try to get that tax free credit and so they make billions and billions of dollars in profits by being able to set up casinos on native land. Well, what I found out here was and it’s tied in. There was just one fellow that was out in front of one corporation that was trying to set up business over there in Oshwegan Mohawk Territory and I forget the name of that particular corporation there but he helped stop that development that the company moved out and took with it its five million dollars investment and then they left. So this guy moved on with others and they set up another resistance post in front of the development of a new Hilton and I thought to myself when I was talking with my friend, Continetta and my brother, Wayne, there and others in this discussion where I said, ‘well, what the heck, would the Hilton be setting up a big incredible Hilton Hotel and the region where there’s no tourist value whatsoever in there and then I thought to myself, well, are they building a casino because I wasn’t sure and my friend, Continetta was telling me, ‘yes, they are building a casino in Branford,’ so there’s going to be a huge extension of a casino that’s already there. So I figured they’re going to bring the high-stakes rollers in and gamblers and that’s why the reason the Hilton was going up. But then when my friend Continetta inquired from a friend of hers who lives in Germany if she knew anything about who owned the Hilton come to find out the Hilton is owned by the Blackstone Group.

[Dr. Deagle] Whoa! You’re making some really amazing connections here. It keeps coming back, why…

[John] It keeps coming back and so now we got Blackstone and the point that I’m making here now is that we have to understand now if you get Blackstone and, of course, they have tied Blackstone with Blackwater so anytime we think Blackstone, we think Blackwater, we think Blackstone, we think Rockefeller, Soros, we think about Russia, what’s going on, a possible nuclear war. We think about 9-11. We know who the cabal is, I’ve named many, many other players in the whole corporate gambit, the whole stinking cabal and I’ve laid it out and you can see it once again on my website, . There’s tons and hours and hours of interviews relative to all this unearthing all this investigation. But now, I’m seeing at this point I think it’s very important to understand that when you got the Rothschilds if we’re talking about apprehending these people and bringing them before an international tribunal or court, a commission, a truth commission, a reconciliation committee, whatever we’re talking about apprehending these criminals. These criminals have a hundred thousand trained mercenaries as well as they also have control of the political flunky that every level of government in every country worldwide, they also have the commands of standing armies and navies and scientists and they have bought and controlled everyone. So when you think about the kind of battle that we’re ready to face the only thing we can appeal to, right now, we have to appeal to the patriot, we have to appeal to the soldier, we have to appeal to the Marines, we have to appeal to the army, we have to appeal with those personalities, those people that think they’re serving the cause of democracy, but they’re not serving this cause of democracy. They are serving the anti-Christ, they’re serving the whole forces of empire. They are serving the bloodletting demons that they must change their mind, understand who they’re serving. We have got to bring about a consciousness to intervene now, to stop the coming of this predicted and foreseen Armageddon which is really a spiritual war between those who uphold the consciousness of light and those who live to the terrestrial realm of darkness. It is really what it has boiled down to and, now, we are putting out a clarion call to all humanity to understand who we’re dealing with. We are dealing with a power that is bent on destroying humanity as we know it, bringing on a nuclear conflagration and we have to use every method and means by which to create intervention. This is why I’ve spent the last seven years of my life investigating who is behind 9-11 in the quest to create the information necessary to call for intervention by apprehending these criminals and bringing them to justice. If we cannot bring them to justice according to the rule of law, if we can’t bring them to justice according to the rule of law then we have only one thing left to do and that is to defend ourselves with the rule of force.

[Dr. Deagle] Absolutely, and that’s going to come, people. It may come early or it may come late as you’d listen to people like Solzhenitsyn and others of those who were jailed and interned in Siberia, they said if we had known the privation and desperation, pain, suffering and death we would suffer at the hands of the Soviet Union in these frozen wastelands we would have pounced like wild animals upon our captors with spoons and knives and sticks and anything we could get our hands on and we would have chopped into pieces those who would have come as the so-called operatives of this Soviet Empire coming to haul us away from our homes and our families. And if you don’t have that gut wrenching feeling that they’re ready to do it now you’re going to be very, very sorry. That’s why people are rising up across the country. That’s why the latest news I’ve heard is that the Congress is not in agreement. Well, let me tell you, Congress, you better get a backbone now because we’re going to turf you out and as Congressmen they’re going to need to have troops protecting them because the public if they start starving and there’s no food on the shelves and if there’s no gasoline because it’s ten dollars a gallon, if the farmers can’t get their crop out of the ground this fall they need to put their combines on every freeway across this country until this President is marched off in chains and his vice-president-in-chief and all the other criminals in the media, etc, are hauled away to prison for good. We’ll be back in just a minute.

[John] I’d like to coin a phrase, right now, for every one of your listeners and I am coining this phrase right here for the very first time. Bailiff! ...not bail out.

[Dr. Deagle] Yes, bailiff, not bail out—exactly.


[Dr. Deagle] Welcome back and take action today, people, we’re not doing this for entertainment, neither John Splitting the Sky Bancore nor Dr. Bill is here doing this for your entertainment, we’re here to wake you up because believe me if they go to full martial law you may not have an internet, you may not have alternative radio, you may not have our voice, but, hopefully, this will be recorded and days, weeks, months, years and centuries hence, maybe thousands of years hence they’ll remember these words and will not realize the lie that’s been told that freedom isn’t free and that the price of liberty is one you have to continue to pay for or you don’t have it. And they’re about to do the final steps as this banking step is the step before they abolish all money and all national borders making trade zones and their CFR global Knights of Malta world which is the next step before the hard kill and the mark of the beast, itself. And a false peace treaty which is coming in a bipolar world with a false prophet of a new world of peace as the President of the United American States abolishing not only native rights but the rights of all citizens, not just of America but around the world and the plan and plot to have a bipolar world with a new Russian dialectic of the Shanghai cooperation group all being played out and don’t assume that the Russians wearing the black hat are all ‘bad guys’ in their words. They’re just playing their part in this evil game, the dialectic of death and destruction they’re about to bathe the planet in. This is going to get very ugly before it gets really bad. John…

[John] That is very true. Yes, I totally agree with that and I’d like to just say sort of on the last closing minutes here, I’d like to say that I’ve been involved on many levels historically. I’ve been in a number of confrontations with the State powers in New York . I was a survivor of the 1971 Attica rebellion. I remember when New York State sent in their troopers. Nelson Rockefeller, the brother to David Rockefeller, both names, the twin towers were named after both of these two brothers, and, of course, Rockefeller empire, the Rothschild empire’s the people that we’re talking about. So I have a history of dealing with this Rockefeller family. And after holding up the prison for five days demanding change in the prison system there, also many of us conscientious resisters weren’t asking man to make life preferable in the penitentiary. We were demanding a release from these penal systems…by the same people that create the theft on international banking levels and the like and create poverty for people and most of the crimes that are committed are crimes of property related. In any event the State met the demands at Attica by sending in the state troopers, a thousand state troopers, not one has ever been prosecuted for anything, the murders they committed and they killed 43 people in the retaking of the prison in cold blood and over 80 people wounded and maimed for life. And I remember when I was running out of this tunnel on top of this catwalk here and I ran right into a state trooper in the midst of this CN-4 gas that was banned by the Geneva Convention in 1906 at the age of nineteen and I ran right into this gun pointed right at my face. The trooper pulled the gun and the clip fell out and I could see the white eyes in both the state troupers in their gas masks and this guy, the other trooper took the butt of his gun, smashed it across my face and knocked me over a thirty foot wall down onto a handball court which almost broke my back and as a result I was the only person convicted of being a ring leader of the 1971 Attica Rebellion. I remember, also, while I was on trial I got out on bail for a while and while I was on trial falsely accused of killing a cop during that rebellion, while I was out I was up in an occupation called…which 400 Mohawks seized land that was stolen by the Rockefellers and we took that land back up there and it was armed confrontation. And I can tell you that there was a time, the same state troopers that there was an incident that happened, the same state troopers that came into D yard and committed the massacre at Attica were on their way by over a thousand of them are heading up in their cars and I can tell you that 400 hundred Mohawks, we ingeniously got inside of the snow with sheets over us and the eyes, peep holes for the eyes and also on the side. We had guns, we had pine trees around it taped to it and when they came up all they saw was the terrain but when they got into the checkpoint by that time 400 Mohawks took off their robes and put the guns right to cars of all the state troopers and everyone of them damned near pissed on themselves and started begging for their lives. And so I said at that point the succeeding governor of New York , Hugh Carey said ‘turn those troops back, right now, I don’t want…to become my Attica . And also I said, 1995 we had a similar situation up here where we had a standoff in British Columbia and we faced the Canadian army, the joint task force too which is a special elite commando squad and there were thousands of rounds of bullets that were fired in the interim in occupation and Gustafson Lake. And I can tell you right now there was another event that happened in Mohawk Territory where they were going to try to stop the people from doing the smoke shops and there was an engagement there with the joint task force too and it was a whole question of psychological warfare at nighttime where just thousands of rounds of bullets were being fired into the valley to let the opposition know that we can withstand where our supplies are limited. I’m saying that it’s necessary to understand, now, that we have got to defend ourselves and we have to also understand that these people are not as fierce and they are not totally impeccable or they’re infallible. These people can be engaged, they’re just human beings like you and I, they’re trained to kill, that’s all they understand but you have to understand that we the people that are determined to be free to live by our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our freedoms, we can defend ourselves and even the smallest of groups can defend themselves in guerilla warfare against these mammoth armaments and these killing squads.

[Dr. Deagle] Exactly! Our intent is to perpetuate the humanity, the fruits and the joys of humanity. Theirs is to protect these murderers of the highest levels of government. It’s not accidental that some of us have come back into this world in this time to do what we’re doing.

[Dr. Deagle] We’re here by choice and by acceptance of the duty to stand up for humanity at this nexus of history. We’re here because we respect the land, the earth, which is a living thing. We respect the fact that our fellow man and our fellow living things are about to pay a horrible price for the decisions that were made and the worse, I call sin, is to be silent when evil is being done, not only against us but against the entire planet and our silence is to me the worst crime of all and our inaction is the worst sin of all that we don’t speak out, stand up and speak out because we’re fearful. Swallow your fear or move forward; fear is the Cool-Aid of the New World Order, don’t drink it. Stand up now with this financial thing because the next step is going to be a lot worse if they get away with this by next year they’ll be releasing pandemic virus, they’ll be starting bombs in cities and they’ll start a regional or larger war as they send your children off to die and vaccinate them to hell, that’s what they’re going to do.

[John] Well, in my closing remarks, here, is that I remember reading the prophesies of the Iroquois about the prophesy of the return of the Deganawidah and in those days he talks about this. They even describe the firestorm, the conflict that…between two serpents describing a nuclear confrontation and nuclear warhead submarines and that you said, ‘well, wonder what happened is that the world with the trees would burn from the top down and the oceans would boil and the fish would turn on their bellies and all of these crawling creatures will come out of the cracks of the earth. He said, ‘but those people who had lived true to the spirit, those people who have constituted the warriors of the rainbow would seek refuge and that we would all come together under the great white roots of peace, the Gayanashagowa, the great law, the intent of the Creator’s law. And he says, ‘at that time,’ he said, (the Deganawidah says), at that time,’ he said, ‘a young visionary will appear to the Iroquoian people and the people of the world and that person when he returns would have the power to SPLIT THE SKY. So, I think, it’s the time, I think we’re, right now, in the middle of prophesies, a time of prophesy fulfillment and I believe in the final analysis that we are going to win.

[Dr. Deagle] We will, we are the sons of the Most High, the Creator of the universe, the Great Spirit. We are the ones that are the sons of God that are going to take back this world from the devils that want to have us go down a timeline of war and destruction and death.

[John] We are the sons of light and you can believe the sons of darkness, you’re number is up.

[Dr. Deagle] Absolutely. Take care, everyone, and take action otherwise you will pay and pay dearly. We’ll be back tomorrow, God willing, another amazing show coming up. Thank you, John, we will have to have you back on soon and get people woken up and active today as it’s the hour.


Thanks to J&J McNeil for the transcript! I just made a few slight corrections and filled in some blanks.