Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We owe it to Dac to be suspicious and to be vigilant

While it is still early and we do not have many details beyond what was reported in the newspaper, we owe it to 'Dac' and to his family to be suspicious and vigilant; to ask questions and demand answers and accountability, IF they are not forthcoming in full detail.

Dac said on several occasions over the years:

"Please, if someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall – don’t fall for it!"  ~ STS

So I must say that I am suspicious of his sudden death in EXACTLY this manner!

"Boncore, 61, was found dead last week on a path on the Adams Lake Indian Reserve near his home in Chase, near Salmon Arm. He is believed to have fallen on cement steps and may have suffered a blow to the head." ~ Mike Youds, Kamloops Daily News, March 19, 2013

Again, we don't have ALL of the details yet, and I do NOT know what is being done in terms of an investigation, but I DO know that, from spending time with him up there, that he went for long walks by himself everyday in quiet and secluded areas around the small town of Chase. That would have been perfect for an ambush had any one wanted to take him out.

Yes, accidents DO happen!

BUT, due to his long history of very dedicated activism, during which he always spoke "truth to power", confronted tyranny head on, outted the major global criminals and cabals, and was a constant thorn in their side, there is NO doubt that he had powerful enemies.

While I do NOT want to accuse anyone of a "cover up",  WE the friends, brothers and sisters of Splitting the Sky and his family, must expect that a proper, full and public inquiry is conducted, and insist upon accountability for those charged with investigating his untimely death.

Dac knew very well that this battle for Truth , Justice and Peace is also a 'spiritual battle'. So I would ask that others who are so inclined, please join me in prayer for his family; for their safety and comfort, and also in a prayer, that the investigation is being done correctly and thoroughly, by some dedicated professionals with integrity, as our dear friend and brother so richly deserves.

In his honour, here is a new video:

Splitting the Sky - A Lifetime of Resistance to Tyranny and Oppression 

Description: In memory of the late great Mohawk Warrior and Activist for indigenous peoples, for truth, justice and peace, and against globalist tyranny, Dacajeweiah (Splitting the Sky) aka John Boncore. This video features a talk which he gave in 2003 in which he goes through his life story.

Both prior to and after the 1 hour long presentation, I have added some video material surrounding the events of the Attica Rebellion of 1971, in which he (John Hill) played a central role.

MUSIC: At the start you will hear a song that was written for the inmates of Attica and also performed performed there by Jesse Barish and William (Bill) Wolff. This song is freely available on YouTube and is used here for non-profit purposes.

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